Oooops I did it again. I went and fell in love with the good, the bad and the ugly of 90s fashion. I call it 90s because that’s how my mind remembers it. The cropped tops, the wedges, the denim in all washes. The hair, oh my goodness the hair. Beach waves, messy buns and centre parts. Tick, tick and TICK. I can do that.  Better yet, I’ll add a truckers cap. Easy.

No there are some strong and reasonable reasons to not embrace this trend returning. I’m looking at you Spice Girls. But hang in there with me as we check out how the nineties look grew up, got a little bit more glam and yet still hasn’t lost any of its carefree attitude. Plus, you better make peace with the plaid, it’s here and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

I spend hours on Pinterest now pinning nineties styles that I never wore the first time around. Too young. Too small town. Too busy being a kid. Now I look at it and it’s a wrapped up world of nostalgia and awesome. What can I say, apparently I love chambray and oversized t-shirts. A girl likes what she likes. I also like that I don’t really have to wash my hair every day. HA.

Check out the shopping board below for some of the items I’ve found for the plus-size shopper around the place. There’s plenty of options out there for anyone looking to add a little nineties to their look without converting to the whole style. And for those with a retro or ladylike style thinking there’s nothing for you, well don’t forget the slip dress, the turtleneck and bustier top.

Steal Her Style 90s Fashion

Now I’ve taken a bit of a hunt around the interwebs for some items that just seem to fit this look. I’ve included ripped jeans, PLAID, sweet floral dresses and prints that scream flashback! For this board I thought grungy, I thought laid back, I thought added edge and glamour with embellishments and studs. Keep an eye out online for this trend, our friends in the northern hemisphere have started to put it up on sale, and we are just entering into it. Make sure you have some Doc Martens for winter this year. They’re totally back. Wait. Did they ever leave? Now, let’s shop!

Steal Her Style Shopping 90s fashion 2014

1. Oversized Khaki Jacket 2. Weekend Maxi Dress 3. Ripped Knee Jeans
4. Embellished Crop Gillet 
5. Floral Dress 6. Baroque Print Shirt 7. Hi-Lo Grey Marle Dress
8. Plaid Shirt 
9. Mum Jeans {remade! Haha} 1o. Studded Dolmain Sweat
11. Printed Bodycon Dress 12. Rose Pixel Jumper 

So there you go my friends. A quick whip around the web and some shopping to boot. This trend can be as dressy or as casual as you like. It crosses over with the festive scene and can even be seen in the whole sports luxe thing. Add some sneakers, add some asymmetrical hem lines and you are good to go. And for goodness sake, don’t forget the plaid.

What say you, are you HECK YES or a big fat NO WAY to the return of 90s fashion?

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