Stéphanie Zwicky’s blog first came onto my radar thanks to the wonders of Pinterest. I just don’t have that many French blogs on my list. Goodness knows why, we all know that’s where style comes from, right? Haha. The short and the long version is that I fell for her smile, her blog and the effort she puts into the French/English translations to save us ALL from the wonders of Google Translate. I was charmed. I was a fan immediately. And since then, my Pinterest board is PACKED with her outfits. Add Stéphanie to the list of bloggers I want to be when I grow up! So let’s do this thing. 


One word. Chic. If you were looking and searching for a single word to describe this style, it’s chic. Sure it’s modern, feminine, stylish and wonderful. But above all things it’s chic. In my grown up dream world my wardrobe looks like this. Classic cuts, beautiful clothing and elements of fun. But before I go all fan girl and stop being helpful, let me give you my two cents about recreating it.

Start with modern classic pieces. The leather skater, some pleather/ponte pants and add some peplum. Stéphanie takes these modern classic pieces and mixes them with trend colours, vintage styles and her own personal ‘look’ to create a universally stylish look that seems personal. If you get what I mean? There’s a common thread, a feel to the outfits that is distinctively her. When replicating this look, don’t forget to add your own personal touch.

This look is textural as it is visual. Layers of contrasting fabrics. Chunky with sheer, leather with chiffon. The contrasts are what make it interesting. So get that leather jacket out and pair it with your girliest of party dresses. Take those golden shiny brogues and pair them with a t-shirt. Contrast your texture with your styles with your colours and it’s going to be a win.



1. Printed Party Dress 2. Tapestry Skater Skirt 3. Pleather + Ponte Leggings
4. Studded Skirt 5. Pleather Fit + Flare Dress 6. Shimmer + Sheer Peplum Top
7. Sequin Shift Dress 8. Sequin Heart T-Shirt 9. Feather Yarn Tunic
10. LOST t-shirt 11. Printed Cardigan 12. C’est La Vie Jumper 13. Fur + Pleather Jacket

And if you haven’t had enough of Stephanie’s AMAZING style, then feel my pain {choosing was SO hard} and relish the awesomeness that are the outfit posts of this stylish blogger on her Pinterest page! I mean. WOW. And I’ll see you next week with another amazing, stylish woman.

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