I was doing the second round of notes for women to feature while watching a movie the other night. The Last Holiday, have you seen it? I really, really love that movie and the underlying get out there and live your dreams sort of message. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a “go be awesome” story. And I was like, WHAT, how could I forget Queen Latifah!? Seriously. What a big fat mistake that was. I never did get to know her much as a rapper. I was young and I guess Australia doesn’t really keep up that well. But as an actress, well I’m a fan. How could I not be, what a SMILE! So let’s talk the queen, shall we!?


For women with narrow hips and large boobs, this is a style you should get to know.

The tailored silhouette, the drape and cut, really no one dresses for this shape better to really show every inch off. The ruching, the wrapping, the detail; it is perfection. What this is not about disguising or hiding anything. It’s about accepting what you have and going for it. Colours, shapes and styles that are built to emphasise and show off. But there’s a level of modesty to this look too, you know?

If you’re looking to replicate this style for yourself, start by adding a wrap or a ruched body-con dress to your collection. Choose a classic jewel colour and be prepared to wear that baby for years to come. Then add some skinny jeans, big heels and loose-fitting but well-cut t-shirts and tops. Always lean towards v-necks or scoop tops to show off your assets.

And a good bra to keep them high and dry.

Most of all, for those wanting to steal this style, you’ll need to have some fun. Add pieces that you wouldn’t expect like large earrings, fringed top details or go all out with a white, wide-leg pants suit. It’s great to have a key look to your wardrobe {the dress and the skinny jeans} but don’t get stuck in a rut. Branch out now and then and have some fun. That’s what fashion is all about after all!


Steal Her Style Shopping: Queen Latifah

1. Khaki Jacket 2. White T-Shirt 3. Letter Jacket 4. White Dress with Lace
5. Patterned Wrap Dress 6. PU Shell Top 7. Ripped Black Jeans
8. Moto Pants 9. Grey Skinny Jeans 10. Panelled Chambray Shirt 11. Red Wrap Dress

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