I’ve decided to end Steal Her Style in its current form. I loved it. Loved checking out the women, the style, the SHOPPING. Eeek. But I found more and more that I was struggling to find women to feature, then it was tricky to find the necessary photos to feature the ones I’d chosen, THEN finding clothes that suited the look and style. Phew. Full-time job.

We had some good times though, didn’t we? Who was YOUR favourite? 

Steal Her Style will be replaced by a more specific version of itself. I’ll be taking an outfit from a blogger, celebrity or lady in the street {do you think I’ll find any willing to pose for me?} and share the style with you. Of course I will then share my thoughts on recreating the outfit including places to shop for similar items. Fun! It’ll be less intense in that I’ll only need to find ONE great outfit photo and build from there. It will feature women of ALL shapes and sizes and hopefully {fingers crossed, this is a new idea} items for plus and regular ranges.

As always I welcome your input and encourage you to send me pics of outfits you love and want me to recreate here. Some weeks if it’s something I have available to me, I might even step in myself to show off how a look can work off the catwalk or red carpet. It’s all part of the fun and games of the impending 2014 ideas and changes.

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