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The team at 17 Sundays released the items from their Autumn/Winter range featuring the cut outs and I was all swoonie mcswoon. It made me think, are there a lot of plus-size brands doing cut outs, sheer panels or details this year or is it just me? And as our northern neighbours head into spring and summer I’m assuming we’ll see more and more of them.

Great news, right?

So cut outs, how do you wear them and will they work for you? But of course my friend. As you’ll see from the shopping board below you can got as big or small as you wish and even then there are sheer panels for modesty if that’s what you’re interested in. For me it’s going to be about small peeks of skin even during the cooler months as you work it with layers depending on your location.

And you ALL know I am not really a fan of the cold shoulder look top. Not at all. I’ve picked up a few along the way and am now a little more on board. This cut out thing is certainly something that you can find that will work for whatever your style. Small cuts {laser cuts} or cut outs to flash your assets. Think boobs, legs and midriff. Woot woo. So if you’re ready to embrace all the things, then let’s roll. 

steal her style cut out laser cut outfits.jpg



steal her style cut out laser cut outfits shopping guide

1. Sheer Panel Dress 2. Laser Cut Tank 3. Cut Out Detail Chambray Shirt
4. Square Panel Midi Skirt 5. Ankle Cuff Flats 6. Cold Shoulder Top
7. Laser Cut Full Skirt 8. Laser Cut Out Blouse 9. Cold Shoulder Mini Dress
10. Sheer Panelled Dress 11. Cut Out Ankle Strap Heels

So there you go folks. A few great finds to get your cut out wardrobe under way. Like I said before, you can go for a little or a lot with this style, Pinterest and the interwebs is full of great examples of it being worn for good and evil. Haha. So find your happy medium and go for it. Winter is the perfect time to give it a go with a peek of coloured tights or that extra layer over.

Laser cut and cut outs, like it or loathe it? 

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