So you want to add a little Sporty Spice style to your wardrobe, huh? No? Well I don’t mean literally! Calm the farm. The sportswear trend continues on and I’m pretty darn okay about it. The whole Sports Luxe thing is just the cutest thing ever and the idea of wearing sneakers and them being fashionable, well that’s a win.

To get on board I’ve ordered one of those letter {lettermen? Pfft, who knows} jackets and this winter I’m going to wear the heck out of it just to prove it. Sneakers, two toned pants and bold monochrome pairings. What’s not to love, right? It’s a wee bit nineties too, I can feel you rolling your eyes a little. I know, I know. I’m obsessed. But hang in there with me, this is a great look that can be styled for work or play. Promise!


steal her style sportsluxe sporty spice



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1. Contrast Dress 2. Jersey Dress 3. Asymmetrical Skirt 4. Slouch Sweat Pants 
5. T-Shirt Dress 6. Soft Tailored Shorts 7. Utility Pant 8. Oversized T-Shirt
6. Chiffon Sleeved Hoodie 10. Contrast Jogger


There you go. A little bit of sports luxe for your wardrobe. So don those trainers, sharpen that tailoring, heck even whip out some midriff and enjoy it while it last. We’ll probably be back to sky high stilettos and bound waists before we know it. It’s like a little nostalgic reprieve.

So now what say you, are you going to add {have added?} some Sporty Spice to your wardrobe?

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