You are all looking at me like a total numpty, I’m sure. Monochrome is not that hard to do, right? Why ‘steal her style’ on monochrome? Wear all black, all white or all black and white. Not rocket science. Sure a shopping guide may be fun, but what else is there to know about it? Well do I have the answer for you. Monochrome my friends is all those things and SO much more.

Monochrome can mean the burgundy outfit of awesome as modelled by the amazing Nadia in the collage below. Wow. Working with colour can be trickier than working with black or white {though let’s face it, I have plenty of blacks in varying levels and shades of blackness} . You need to look to either match them exactly or not match them.

I have this idea, you see, of a head to toe blue with shades of blue with a soft blue jacket, teal {is teal blue or green, maybe I should clarify} top and high-waisted royal blue pants or pencil skirt with navy shoes. All very chic and classic, of course. But I’m missing the skirt/pants. I did consider swapping in jeans but it’s not really the look I’m after.

But it takes balancing, a look like that, otherwise you’re just a girl in a million shades of blue. To make it work I envisage controllable hair, mid-heel, classic cuts and styles and understated makeup. Maybe even a nude lip if my sister will EVER get over the fact we gave her heaps about her love of the nude lip not that long ago.

So you see where I’m going with this? Ready for some inspiration? Let’s roll.

Steal her Style Monochrome.jpg


When it came to shopping this style I had to make a choice. Include HEAPS of colours, one colour or a black and white board. Now you’ve met me, right? I’d live in black and white if I could. buy all the things black and white. I love it. So when it came down to it that’s what I did. If you want some help putting together a single colour outfit, feel free to email me or comment below with a photo of the item you are building around. I’m happy to help! Now let’s shop.

Steal Her Style Shopping Monochrome Outfit

1. Jacquard Knit Coat 2. Geo Print Tank 3. Print Shorts 4. Asymmetrical Dress
5. Cage Feature Dress 6. Polka Dot Shoes 7. Multi-Print Jumpsuit
8. Geo Print Wrap Dress 5. Long Skater Skirt 10. Stripe Print Maxi 11. Long Sleeve Peplum Top

And there you go, happy monochrome shopping folks. What did you think of THAT!? Cool, right? Now tell me {after you’ve finished with all that link clicking} what is a style you’d like to see me cover in this series? I’ve been having such a great time shopping around for trends that I really would appreciate some focus from you. Do you want chunky knits, would you like workwear? What about hipster style? Talk to me, your wish is my command.

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