‘Tis the season, right? All the fashionista types are talking spring carnival, spring racing and what they are going to wear. Put them aside and the rest of the country is deciding what they will wear to whatever form of Melbourne Cup luncheon they’ll be attending. I’ve been considering my options as there is an event at our local racecourse this coming weekend and we are heading out for a ladies day. Soooo what to wear, right?

There are more options than ever in the plus-size shopping arena for the perfect spring racing style dress. Every retailer has some level of offering. Prints, colours, florals and lots of skirts and volume. All lots of fun, all well worth a look. So what can you do to take these pieces and make them your own? I’ve taken a few dresses and given my two cents about what to wear with them. Including ideas on how to have them look different even if someone else is wearing the same dress.

Plus if you want more than that, I’ve included some out of the box ideas that will have you digging in that wardrobe, op-shop or trawling through the offerings online to create a truly unique spring racing look. Then to wrap up I’ve including my race day veteran tips and tricks for making it out alive, shoes on your feet and without champagne induced sunstroke. So are you ready? Let’s do this thing.

The floral dress.

A floral dress isn’t necessarily going to set you apart trackside but it’s a classic. And who cares when the prints are this fabulous!? For these great dresses, I would style them with some matchy-matchy goodness for a clean, sophisticated look. Headpiece, clutch and heels. High pumps or peep toes heels with a sturdy heel. For something a little more playful add clashing accessories. For example, the dress in the middle would be amazing with neon accessories. Yellow or blue would be my choice. Try and forget everything you’ve learned and have some fun with this classic style.

Links: All from City Chic 

The not usually a races dress.

While we are talking fun, let’s talk the not really a races style race dress. The leather shift, the floral swing dress and the maroon ruffle dress aren’t your normal go-to races dress for their own reasons. But I think something like this can be perfect if you want to leave a lasting impression. When you go unusual with your dress choice you can add classic accessories or continue the all-out theme. With the swing dress, I would wear beehive hair with chic retro veil, orange accessories and ankle strap shoes. With the leather, I’d add punches of girly elements with floral shoes, clutch and headpiece. Don’t get boxed in with the traditional bodycon, short, fitted style of the races echelon, bring your own personality to it and stand out from the crowd.

links: all from ASOS Curve 

On-trend monochrome.

Classic, classic, classic. Black and white have been a race day favourite for me since I first laid eyes on Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. I mean come oooooon. Amazing. So this race season there will be black and white, there will be big hats and sweeping millinery. You really do need to go big or go home with the hat here, monochrome gives you the freedom to wear anything on your head. So accept that challenge and prepare something amazing. Glue guns at the ready ladies! Alternatively, you can pair these dresses with rose gold for a modern take or with all-white accessories for a fresh, spring feel.

Shimmer and shine.

Turn yourself into a mirror ball this race day with some trackside shimmer and shine. I for one will never say not to wear sequins during the day. Ever. Because sequins are awesome and with all that sunshine about you’ll be centre stage before you know it. To be honest I’m seriously considering the dress on the left for my own local race day this weekend but I may have left my run a little late for ASOS. With this look, I would go all out on the accessories with mirror surfaces or clear plastic. There are some awesome clear perspex bags out there, same goes for shoes with perspex heels. TOO much fun and so on-trend I almost want to roll my eyes. But I won’t because it’s TOO awesome.

links: left, middle, right 

Try these looks for a unique take on spring racing fashion;

  • Pattern Clash – I love the look of fifty billion patterns together at once. And when it comes to race days you can go a little nuts. Especially if like me you are attending regional events and the dress code is simply race-goer-awesome.
  • Wide Leg Pants – I love, love this look. Classic wide-leg pants, add a wrap top and some glam heels. It’s individual and has modesty and glamour to it that can often be lacking in the Lycra-clad race events. Make sure you have shown off a little flesh with this look though to keep it from being Mumsy.
  • Cutouts – With those sexy little peek-a-boo sections the cut-out look is a race day winner. Whether it be a peek a midriff
  • Shorts – Stop laughing! Seriously. Shorts suits are an awesome race alternative. If I could have found some floral print, structure shorts I’d probably be wearing them this race season myself. So keep your eyes peeled and rock this one like the fashionista you are!
  • Neon – Now this is probably going to be a little more common this year than other years but still, if you are looking to make an impression that neon is your thing.

Make-up looks I love

Everything reported on from the spring/summer shows was pared back make-up, dewy skin and strong straight brows. Good news for me since I’m always that little bit shiny and my brows do what they want. For race day I took a look around and chose three key make-up looks perfect for trackside. I even read somewhere that mascara is on its way out again. It’s all about the subtle eyeliner.

The bold lip with minimal make-up look is perfection in my books. No heavy make-up to sweat off, simple and punchy. The red lip is classic and the solid brow is my aim in this lifetime. The pink is fun and flirty and would look amazing with a little floral number. And when it comes down to it I just couldn’t go past the peachy coral perfection that is the look on the left. This is what I’ll be going for, I think. Though the dress decision may see that change.

.The getting out alive guide!

  • Try, try, TRY to not wear new shoes. Seriously. Unless you’ve worn them in this is going to hurt. If you MUST wear new make sure you have blister guards, patches etc in your purse. Do this and you can add a patch when and where needed. You might also find yourself pretty popular with the ladies. Ha.
  • If you’re a plus size girl in an itty bitty dress there is always the question of chafe. If your dress is long enough, add some shorts under {also good for wind gust incidents}. There are also options like the Bandelettes or the good old 3B cream. Prepare well and survive this one.
  • Take a make-up touch up kit. Blotting paper, powder, a small comb and lipstick are essential. Don’t make the mistake of being the only lady not touched up before that group photo that goes into the paper. Been THERE. It’s not pretty.
  • If it’s warm don’t even question it, put your hair up. Hair Romance has some beautiful and interesting braid up-styles. I’ll be wearing something like that. You just can’t beat having your hair up and away from your neck on a warm spring day.
  • Champagne is tasty and lots of fun but it is the devil in the heat. You know those people stumbling home, woozy and flushed… Don’t be one of them. Make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. If there’s no still water offered, simply grab a bottle of sparkling with every champagne.
  • Shoes, let’s talk about shoes. For me, there is ONE secret to getting out alive and its to wear shoes with a heel that is the size of a 5 cent coin or larger. Seriously. The smaller and pointer the heel, the deeper it can dig into the grass so the harder you have to work to keep on your toes to avoid this. Seriously. I always wear my Torrid heels that have a chunky heel with the diameter of a 20 cent piece. Always, always a winner. Wedges are another great alternative. You’re welcome.

And THAT my friends is Suger’s guide to the races for plus size girls. Sure the tips will convert to any lady hitting the track. I hope it helps you stay sane in the sun should you be attending the race the stops the nation or your local race day. Of course, if you are attending THE REAL DEAL you might want to check out the ever-stylish {and informed} Lady Melbourne for more specifics on each dress code for each race day. Regional events are a little more free for all.

Happy racing ladies!


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