I was cleaning up some of the old outfit posts on the blog; there was an issue with images disappearing from a lot of them. Do you know what I noticed as I went through post after post? Firstly, I miss having this record of not only what I was wearing or looked like, but what we were up to. And secondly, that my style has changed a lot in the last five years.

At one stage, I even said that I wasn’t into casual clothes! I prefer to be overdressed than underdressed, I said! WHO WAS THAT PERSON? I don’t recognise her. Haha. The casual ootd is where it’s at for me. For better or worse, it’s what I love. I wonder if that will change for me in the next five years?

Maybe I’ll have to get a job and leave my house again.

Speaking of leaving the house, that brings me to last night’s adventure to the Indian takeaway and bottleshop. Kel and I had both had a long day. He’s picked up a big job that maybe what we need to turn things around with that business. Meanwhile, I have been up to my ears in new enquiries for websites and social media. Not to mention, we are lucky enough to be managing most of our existing social media client accounts still.

But since we were leaving the house, something I’m not doing at all if I can avoid it, I got dressed. This dress arrived in the mail a while ago, but while it’s comfy as, I wasn’t going to wear it to bum around my house. A 5 minute trip to the bottleshop, however…

What can I say? I love an occasion.

Almost as much as I love a good sneaker and t-shirt dress combo. See for yourself.

Pairing my 17 Sundays Sports Tee Dress (gifted) with New Balance X-Racer Sneakers

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