When people describe my style as a little bit sports luxe I have to smile, really I’m just a girl who loves sneakers and jogger pants. I’m slouchy spice. But then an item or two comes along, and when I put them together, I think, ooh I get it. They were right. Today is one of those days.

Nat from XL as Life! was having a wardrobe sale, and I popped over for a look. Blogger sales are a great resource for discounted, and sometimes hardly worn, clothes. It’s one of my go-to places for picking up a bargain and one of the ways I turn over my wardrobe quickly. I have a store you should check it actually, now you mention it (HA!). Anyway, I popped over and amongst the glam goth action for which Nat is so well know I found a skirt from the ASOS/Puma collaboration. Holy heck, I didn’t even know that baby existed. WOW.

It’s small and a wee bit tight but it works. That’s what will happen when you take a chance on an item 4 sizes too small in a scuba fabric. The splits probably help too. This skirt, oh my, this skirt is probably my new favourite thing. Imagine it now with my crisp white t-shirt and sneakers. SEE, it works with everything. Sooo good. But I wanted to show off the recent addition to my wardrobe the black cage top from 17 Sundays, so a dressier version of things ensued.

It gets said a lot around here, but come ooon, how well do they work together? Come on? Haha. I blame the tennis for that being so ingrained in my vocabulary. The cage sleeves of this top have been reported as a little firm, but I had no issues in the size 24. And to be honest I’m sure if the 24 fits because it’s a little firm overall as a style or if I’ve put on weight recently… I know I am having issues getting into my skinny jeans though, so keep that in mind. As always, if you have a sizing concern get in touch with the team, Suze is like the rain man of customer service and sizing, she’ll make sure you’re sorted. Magic Suze, bless her heart.

So sports luxe, let’s talk about that for a minute. How do you bring a little sports luxe into your look? I have a couple of tips to get you started. 

  • Use sporty brand staples as outfit basics. Think your usual suspects like Adidas, Nike, etc. and incorporate into your look.
  • Wear clothes slouchy deliberately, especially low on your hips and bunched at the ankle or wrist. Soooo good.
  • Low-fuss is the key, try too hard and the sporty feel disappears. For sports luxe to work, you can’t look like you tried too hard. If you are particularly measured in one area, make sure the rest is relaxed and easy.
  • Look for a boxy, masculine shape that is either tailored or giving the impression it is. Shoulder pads, structured jackets, cut outs and inserts all work to give it a certain vibe. This tennis outfits but street worthy.
  • It’s more than sneakers. It’s slides and itty-bitty single strap super high heels. It’s about contrast. Wearing your slouchy grey sweatpants with a killer heel. Perfect. Wearing your sneakers with leggings? Well then you’re just grocery shopping.

Cage Sleeve Top – 17 Sundays {size 24 – gifted}
Puma for ASOS Skirt – via Nat – XL as Life {size 18}
Strappy Wedges – Target Australia {last year}


Do you sports luxe? Share YOUR tip.  

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