This isn’t a post about the music that has made or defined me. Nope. Sorry about that. This is about the music that plays in my head like a badly scored movie. The ones where the character is heartbroken so ‘Shot Through the Heart’ plays or something. My head, let’s just say, it’s a world of crazy up there. Entertaining mind you, but crazy.

Take yesterday for example a colleague named Renee {I bet you can see where THIS one if going} walked into the room as I was handling a call I could use her opinion on. Great! I thought. I’ll ask Renee. Then she turned and went back towards her office. She walked away. And I thought, don’t walk away Renee. All normal and everything. Don’t. Walk. Away.

Then I hummed it.

I was still on the phone.


But that’s how my mind operates. Often there is a song that pops into my head that the lyrics fit the situation. Random songs. Songs I didn’t even know I knew. I’m like a walking talking Glee episode for goodness sake. But with even more cheese if that’s possible. I wonder sometimes if it sounds like this in other people’s heads too. Do you hear music? Maybe I’ve just revealed something about myself I don’t know. I’ll bet that very telling or something.

Are you weird like me? What’s the best song/life match moment YOU’VE ever had? 

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