I don’t know about you but the Golden Globes red carpet is the most fun for me. The style is still glamour and general awesomeness but there’s a side order of out of the box thinking, paired with fun that I love. So when the photos start streaming through my Facebook and Pinterest feed this morning it was a case of sorry boss, it’s the globes! Note to self, I owe work about an hour.

When it comes to the plus size women there was the usual cover up/too covered up debate. This year I’m not really going to enter into it. Last time I did and that post still makes me a feel a little judgie and hypocritical given my current stance of wear what YOU want, when YOU want. So I’m not going to do the whole what was she thinking thing. I’m just sharing the looks I loved. Waaaay more positive, don’t you think?

Let’s just have a collage of the prettiness, shall we?

Golden Globes 2014 I LOVE IT collage

But of course, ever the show {and heart, dare I say. HA} stealer Jennifer Lawrence had THIS adorable moment that just makes you continue your massive girl crush, seek the interwebs for the best photographic version that’s out there AND wish she really was your in real life BFF… Moment. Stolen. Completely. And yet you can’t help but be entirely charmed by her. Or that could just be me. Whatever.

jennifer lawrence taylor swift golden globes photobomb

So what would YOU wear if you were going to the Globes?

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