The girls and I have a group chat. As you do. I’m sure you have at least one raging on your Facebook. And one night, with nothing, in particular, to talk about, the conversation switched to men, our collective nerdiness and the funny things that have happened to us when the two things collided. And it occurred to me, THAT would make an excellent book. For young adults. Heck, for me!

But especially for teenager nerdy, chubby girls who feel like their life is this weird collection of experiences and moments they may never recover from. But not in the woe is me, I have some puppy fat and magically grew out of it over summer and now boys like me kinda way. But in the way life happens for those everyday girls like me. And perhaps, like some of you.

But you know, way more catastrophic. Haha.

So I started writing it. It’s a weird thing to change my writing style from blogger to book typewriter. I even had to go back to a few of my old favourites and see how things were done in the book world. Hello, I even pushed Allison Tait (writer and advice giver) to my ‘see first’ on Facebook which my own mother doesn’t even have the privilege of. I know, a big commitment.

But I’m excited to have something new to do. Blame the Aries in me. I love to start a new project. Sure, sometimes I suck at finishing them. But I LOVE to start them. I’m sure I’m not the only person with projects languishing at the sidelines as the next big idea comes along. Hmmm, maybe I am, but I doubt it. You?

To be honest I feel like 10-year-old me would be proud. She used to write, what these days would be called fan-fiction, about a dark-haired version of the Wakefield Twins (Sweet Valley High baby, who didn’t read that). Create stories and adventures based in a high school world she hadn’t even made it to yet. If only that kid knew how many ghostwriters it took to keep Sweet Valley afloat, she might have applied.

It’s fun though. Have you ever tried to write a story? Short or long. It was something I loved to do and haven’t done it in ages. Blogging became a way for me to share MY story, but not make them up. Maybe someone should remind bloggers of that… Haha. Cheeky. But writing about a character I’ve made up, giving her a style and a look, a life and stuff to do is fun. So fun! And after all, this was the year I decided I would do more writing. So look at me go.

So yes team, there’s a short update from me to you. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Got a good story I can pinch? Want to read the first chapter when it’s done? Heck, let’s make this a thing. The comment box is open, team, give it to me. 

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