I’ve always been a little wary of sharing images of our house. Internet privacy and all that. Our house is sort of recognisable in our street in our town if you know the area. It’s odd-looking, that’s why. But as I put some finishing touches on the bookshelf I thought, why not, I’ll grab some photos.¬†Inside totally doesn’t count. Maybe if I had piles of cash lying around or valuable stuff but really, we don’t have much. You’d have to be desperate to steal Hubby’s trophy cup from 1901 to sell for monies.

So here I go. 

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Do you have a favourite part of your home? I love this entry/display/where I work corner. It’s colourful and welcoming and has plenty of shoes. There are a few things that annoy me about it at the moment that I’ll probably change. But I love this spot. Being here, looking at all the pretties is my favourite thing ever. Oh and don’t laugh at my book collection, these are books I’ve been given or loaned that I haven’t read yet. Haha. IT’s a book waiting room.

Happy Saturday folks. x

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