{We tried out this service courtesy of Sirens Swimwear}

When the team at Sirens Swimwear contacted me about a review of their Ship the Shop offer, I was excited to take part! You know me and swimwear, no amount is never enough. It turns out that their range doesn’t extend to my size. Boooo, sad news for me and anyone else above a 20 this summer. But they would work for my sister, so I said we’d love to give it a try, and we did.

I did the ordering.

My sister Amanda Claire did the trying and deciding.

I did some photographing.

She did the wearing of the final selection to the beach.

And a review, my friends, was born.

Siren’s Swimwear makes swimmers for your lady lumps. And that is a direct quote. Haha. The range has a retro vibe that is both fun and easy to wear. I mean, high-waist bikini bottoms are the swimmers you can spend all day sitting, playing, eating, wandering, and, of course, swimming in and they don’t budge. Sure the tan lines are a little ott, but the comfort factor far outweighs that. Check out their Instagram, you’ll get what I mean.

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My sister Amanda Claire, true to family form, had her eye on the striped two piece and sits between sizes due to a rather ample bust and butt. Ship the Shop is made for her. That and taking her spunky two and a half year old to the shops can be challenging. Haha.

So I clicked through the site, first adding the Ship the Shop swimwear option to my cart. From there you select FIVE swimsuits that you would like the brand to send to you to try on. I ordered three swimsuits, two of which were the same in the two sizes my sister straddles. I went through the process (I used a gifted code, you would put in your credit card details) and they were on their way to us.

Important to note that for the price of the Ship to Shop you receive ONE of the swimsuits and a return post bag for the rest. If you choose to keep more than one pair of the swimmers, your credit card will be billed for the other choices when you return the rest with the returns form. That part was a little confusing for me at first, clearly having a blonde moment, so I wanted to make that clear.

When the swimmers arrived (super fast!), my sister took the whole massive bag home with her after work and could spend some time later that night when her son went to bed trying the swimsuits on. Working out which fit she preferred, which style and print. She chose stripes (good girl), and we bundled the rest of the items up and sent them back in the prepaid bag. Done and done. Watch your time-frames for returns, keep the additional suits too long and they assume you want the lot. Which I’m sure happens a lot. We had a little miscommunication this end, and it took well over the time-frame. Whoops.

So yes, the short version is that this was the perfect service for my sister, she loves the swimmers, and the entire process was seamless. The pic of her wearing hers beach 4WD on her Instagram account is my favourite thing ever. Haha.

siren swimwear ship the shop review - suger coat it-1-2

Want to try the Siren’s Swimwear Ship the Shop process for yourself? Head over here and use the code SUGERCOATIT to receive free shipping on this or anything else you order. And tell me, my sister is the cutest thing ever, right?

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