Have I mentioned lately that I’m a little obsessed with pasta? We found it pretty easy to get our hands on store-bought fresh or dry pasta and even handmade speciality dry pasta (lucky us). To say it has been a pasta-fest over here is an understatement.

BUT, and this is the part where it will benefit you, I have been able to perfect some of my recipes. this one in particular. When I think of green pasta usually, I think pesto pasta. Which, we know I’m a fan of because I’ll eat it hot or cold. But this time, it’s a simple butter sauce with a load of veggies and lemon to finish it off.

You’ll Need

Dry Pasta (it’s sturdier) in your favourite sauce grabbing style (serve two)
Asparagus (1 -2 bunches )
Peas (Frozen is fine – 1 cup)
Snow Peas (1 cup)
Anchovies (2 – 3)
Butter (3-5 tablespoons)
Parmesan Cheese
Lemons (2)
Garlic Cloves (2 or minced garlic)
Olive Oil

Do This

Prepare the ingredients, this process goes fast. Trim and chop the snow peas and asparagus, roughly chop or mash the anchovies and get the garlic cloves ready for crushing.

Put a large saucepan of water on to boil; season liberally with salt. When the pasta water boils, cook your pasta, just under the instructions on the packet (we will finish it in the pan). Set aside some of the pasta water for later, you may need it.

In a large frying pan, over high heat quickly fry off the asparagus and snow peas with the garlic and olive oil. When cooked but still bright green, remove from pan and set aside in a large mixing bowl (use this to combine ingredients later). Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the veggies; set aside.

In the veggie pan, combine the butter and smashed anchovies, stirring until melted and combined. Add the pasta and continue to stir until coated. At this stage, add a little pasta water to the sauce/pasta situation and continue to stir if the coverage isn’t great. Don’t if you’ve added heaps of butter and you’re good.

Add the peas to the frying pan with the pasta and sauce, once warmed through, transfer the contents to the large mixing bowl with the vegetables

Season with salt and pepper to taste (try it first, the anchovies and pasta water will add some salt to the dish, you may not need to add any salt).

Prepare to serve, top each bowl with a cheek of lemon and parmesan cheese; you’re good to go.


Also great served with grilled or lemon roasted chicken. Kel was looking for more ‘sauce’ and if that’s you too, I suggest a basic carbonara type sauce (like this Bon Appetit one), then add the veggies at the end when you would add back in the guanciale or pancetta. Enjoy!


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