I want to talk to you today about a woman named Anne. A woman who through actions taught me how to show up for people. But first, let’s go back to go forward, shall we? Anne worked for my parents and as kids, we saw her anywhere up to three times a week.

She was Annie Oakley, to my Mother. We called her Anne.

Which is weird because we called everyone Mr or Mrs, or Aunt or Uncle. Anyway, she was Anne and to a kid who had lost all but one of their grandparents before she was 12, she was that for me. Anne was the grandmother we didn’t know we wanted or needed.

Not just because Anne was never afraid to reprimand my siblings and I if we needed it. Or because she would ask how school went that day and genuinely want to hear the answer. She was like a grandmother to us because she showed up for us long into our adult lives. After she stopped working for my parents. And well after a time when she had enough grandkids on her hands to worry about us.

Seriously, every single musical I was in, she came to. Nuts.

Anne came to our plays and shows, to birthdays and family celebrations. She was there for our weddings and sent gifts or cards when my nieces and nephews were born. Anne always showed up for those she loved. It’s something that I try to do in my life. Sometimes I’m better at it than others, but I know how because of the example she set.

I’ve been blessed in this life to know so many people who can be counted on. Who shows up when you need them, and sometimes just because they figure you might need them. If I can get the hang of one thing in this lifetime, I want to be that person for somebody.

I want to be the one that shows up. I think that would make Anne proud.


Photo by JORGE LOPEZ on Unsplash


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