When it comes to advice for bloggers it can be a bit hit and miss. Lately the readership of this blog has plateaued as I worked hard on getting the workbook to completion. Looking for advice I clicked around the interwebs look for advice. I was told time and time again to create shareable content. Be something that people could not help but share with others.

Given that it was THE most common piece of advice I thought, yes I can do this. Be shareable. Right. Let me get right on to that… Crickets. Ummm. What the heck IS shareable content? What makes it more shareable than other pieces of content. And if I’m honest how the heck will I know it when I see it? I’m only ever right a third of time when I publish something if it’s going to be something that people go a bit nuts over.

Be shareable is vague advice at best.

Be helpful. Provide value. Makes sure the content is attractive. Check your spelling and grammar. All advice I can follow. But given that the biggest YouTube successes appear to be predominantly random, I wonder how one determines shareable. I tried for a while to consider my idea of posts that I find shareable. I listed them out as useful things I want to save. Posts that made me think of someone so I shared to their page. And things that made me go ‘YES!’ out loud. None of these are very specific either.

In the end I gave it all up and wrote this post instead. It’s too hard sometimes to consider, plot and plan your content. And I guess that’s the advice I would give especially to those just starting out in blogging. Chill. Write stuff you love. Come up with fresh ideas and share them but don’t put pressure on yourself to be shareable. If your great the sharing will come or it won’t. Either way who cares, you’re great right? So whatever. Haha.

What makes a post shareable for you? Help a blogger out. 

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