By arrangement with Canvas Factory

Back before we had finished painting the house I received an email from The Canvas Factory asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their products on the blog. After a bit of back and forward we reached an agreement and my photos from the photoshoot last year were winging their way to me on canvas for my very own Canvas Factory review!

When they arrived I tagged our photographer Bambi in a photo and she was excited to see them printed. Photos are for printing, she said, and I couldn’t agree more. These photos are beautiful, I love them, I’ve shared them online and on social media, but they really came alive after they were printed. Now they exist. I highly recommend you print more of your photos too. Which also happens to be a really nice tie into the fact that The Canvas Factory review was the reason behind this post. Win.

I’ve printed online and via kiosks before, with varying results. Some majorly varying results. So bad has been my experience that I was worried that too much post production will be done and ruin the quality of the images. That had happened to me before. I was worried that the images would be blurred. Also happened. Or that the colours would be off. Happened, we were almost green.

Then they arrived and I was really, really, really happy. I mean look at the photos, the canvases from The Canvas Factory are amazing. I feel like they are a little more saturated than the original images, but I like the impact of the bright blues against my creamy coloured walls.

The process to get me to delivery was smooth too. I ordered above the agreed amount on my gift certificate and had my pop portrait by Marie O’Neill printed too. I’m glad I did. It’s the best. So fun and vibrant and cool. I’ll share some pics when my office is set up. I guess I just wanted to let you know we are settling in. There are things on the walls. The house is coming together. It’s funny how a few family photos on the wall will do that, right?

Want to try out The Canvas Factory for yourself? I’ve got a link that will give you 70% off your first purchase. Click here and take a look. I hope if you order you share your canvas prints with me when they arrive. I’d love to see them. Enjoy!

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