Did I tell you yet about the movies I saw the other day? I saw Saving Mr Banks with the Disney Studios people. It’ll be released in January {the 9th from memory} and it’s beautiful. It’s laugh out loud, sob into your tissue good. I’m a Mary Poppins tragic. I only have to hear the opening credits and I tear up. It’s such a beautiful book, beautiful movie and THIS is a beautiful movie. I found the trailer and embedded it below because it’s WONDERFUL.

Tom Hanks paired with Emma Thompson are impressive, to say the least. And that’s before I EVEN start raving about Colin Firth and the young Australian actress that plays the young author or the cast of players that make up the team at Disney. WOW. They were all seriously good and I enjoyed every minute of their performances. A winding tale filled with beautiful images and songs. Be still my beating musical nerd heart.

Anyway. Watch…

Sigh. Perfect. It’s on my list to see again with my Mary Poppins mad family. Do you ever have a memory SO strong that it feels like you are reliving it when you think about it? Mary Poppins is like that for me. I remember the words to the songs and how they made me feel. Mary Poppins is one of those moments in my childhood that I couldn’t forget if I tried.

Do yourself a favour. Put it on your list.

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