A week ago Mr Suger’s contract on his phone plan came due. We are on alternate years, so I asked if he planned to get the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with his new contract. And shock horror to this blog type he said no, that maybe he’d just get the 5s. I have the 5s I said; you can have mine, and I’ll get a new one. It turns out that I’m very persuasive, and our phone accounts are in my name, so I did exactly that the very next day.

I went big. Go big or go home, right? I got an iPhone 6 Plus.

This is not a technical review; I don’t know the stats or the metrics or the comparison rates or anything. This is a review based on how it feels to use and hold. What it’s like to use it as a phone and all the things. Now that I’m clear on that, I do hate to disappoint, let’s get started on what it’s like for me to live with the iPhone 6 Plus, starting at the beginning.

My friends warned me it was big. Too big for one-handed texting with chubby fingers like mine. Darn it Dad, I blame you. But I couldn’t help myself. I saw all that screen space and knew I neeeeded to have it. I figured this would once and for all put a stop to me doing things one-handed while I text, Facebook or Instagram. Plus, always one to want to bring joy to others my android friends with their giant screens chuckled a little as I crossed over to the dark side.

And that was just the start.

iPhone 6 review - user review no tech stuff meme

Let the memes begin. All of a sudden people wanted to know how using my iPad as a phone felt. They sent pictures and screen grabs and lol’ed in real life. It still continues today, but I don’t mind. That screen size, the definition that makes all things of a lesser standard look so crappy, is worth it. Who knew I cared so much given I was an advocate of phones staying phones and tablets staying tablets. I don’t mind this middle ground all of a sudden. Shock horror.

The truth of it is that making calls did and still does feel a little dicky. The phone feels massive beside my head, and I have a pretty big head. People of normal head size are warned. I was thinking about this as I spoke to my Mum the other day, who makes calls anymore anyway? I use the phone at work then attempt to avoid it for the hours following. I prefer email and text and then conversation in person. Sure you might look like a tosser speaking into this giant phone but if it only happens a couple of times a week, it’s a small price to pay. Maybe we’ll get lucky and people making phone calls at all will become the weird thing to do… Haha.

But what about the one-handed texting thing? WEll, sure my short, chubby fingers are hardly equipped for such things but it turns out that my large palms are perfect. Thanks, Dad, you’re off the hook again. I can juuuuust reach far enough to text one-handed but feel a little like I’m living on the edge as it’s not very secure. It teeters, and case-less I hold my breath. But it’s possible. I’m getting used to it now. Two hands are certainly better than one for this phone.

That said, I think I’ll feel much better about this whole situation as soon as I can get a case on it. It’s nerve-wracking without a case. I’ve already dropped it twice, one harder than the other, and cringed when I went to pick it up. It’s the fear of dropping that gets in the way of the one hand text at the moment. Plus it’s new, I want it to stay in one piece for a while yet.

Do you know what the hardest part ended up being? Storing the phone when I just want to grab it, my keys, and wallet and leave the house. It’s massive. It barely fits in all the delicate lady sized pockets of my clothes (why so small designers? 17 excluded, they love a good pocket like I do). And forget all about stuffing it in your bra. A bad idea anyway by all accounts, but it’s impossible with a phone this size without looking like you have a slimline and rectangular third boob. So there’s that. It’s annoying, but I’ve managed so far. First world problems, right? My phone’s too big to fit in my pocket because I couldn’t be assed carrying a handbag. Haha. But the struggle is real, I promise you that.

All in all, what’s my final review?

I like it. I have a feeling I’ll grow to love it as video content takes up more and more of my newsfeed. I watched a movie on it the other day when Mr Suger had taken over the tv. It’s just big enough to make things like that possible without feeling like you’re squinting the whole time. Two handed texting? Probably the best way to go. Those gifted with long elegant fingers and large hands will be fine. Got small hands, the good news is you’ll never be able to text and drive again. We are a no to the text and drive around here. Carrying it IS a pain, but the slimline form makes up for that a little grip wise. And forget all about being subtle making phone calls, this thing is big and it looks it. But then, wasn’t that the whole point in the first place?

As a final word, let’s talk about the rumoured bending. Well I’m here to set the record straight. Mr Suger sat on mine for ages the other night on the couch, I swear when he got up it was going to be implanted in his butt cheek. And even after all that sitting time there no sign of bending. There you go. Some cold hard facts. From my couch to you. You’re welcome.

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