After a storm left us with some damage to the main roof, garage roof and sheds, we have been working with our insurance to do repairs. Along the way, a few maintenance items were added to the list. Which, having lived here for five years’ ish, it was about time we tackled some of the things. Up first was the front/side patio. Front because it faces our driveway, side because it’s technically at the side of the house. The one where the spa lives and pretty much everyone that visits our house enters through. That one.

It started with the removal of the old broken lattice around the perimeter.

This is something Kel and Dad have had on their list to tackle for me since Kel took down the gate not long after we moved in. Given it’s what they do for work, I understood being left until last. Until I didn’t and demanded that the job be done next. It’s crazy what a difference it makes to this whole space. I was looking back and I don’t have a lot of before images (there is one below), mostly it’s just blurred background when I was desperate. But now it proudly sits centre stage. I’m so proud of the work they did, and me for doing a heap fo the sanding and finishing. Like. A. Boss.

From there we refinished the timber on the wooden table (a gift from my Uncle and his family for my 21st, hand made by them from wood they milled themselves) and the spa surrounds. It was about this time that we found out that the spa heat pump was cactus and had to be replaced. Sigh. With a pool still on the wish list, and probably remaining there for a little while yet, repairs were in order making this the perfect time to sand it all down and refinish it.

Which I did. Go me.

A couple of weeks later it was time for roof repairs to start, so down came the old shade sail. What was probably a red’ ish colour back in the day, has now faded to a pinkish hue that transforms my office, daily, into a wash of pink light. The day they took it down though, I noticed just how much direct sun it was blocking. And despite enjoying the flood of natural, not pink light, it will be going back up when all the work is done.

I documented all this action on my Instagram story, which I’ve since highlighted so you can check out now – if you’re into such things.

And so, despite the shade sail still being down for a little bit more work on the roofline above my office, I want to share with you a bit of a look at how far we’ve come! Are you ready for that? I’m sure you are, we all know we’re here for the photos. Gosh. Here goes.

Our patio renovation!

What do you think? We still want to do something about the painted concrete in this area. If you have any suggestions about that, let me know. If you’ve been following along since we moved in, you’ll know the story. We love it, she’s old and totally unique, and we continue to have big plans for her. At the moment, we are doing some work in the living room, sort of. They are working on the door to the other side of the yard, so when I get all that back in place, I’ll do an update.

If you want to see more about the house, including the renovations before we moved in? Head to the Suger’s Place tag or the House Tour (Living Spaces, technically) video I made a little while ago.

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