Feeling like it’s time you reconnect with your partner? I get it. It can be easy with many balls in the air to drop the one marked relationship. If you’re feeling a little disconnected from your partner, we have some ideas to remedy that. Because it’s easy to fall out of touch even if you are living in the same house, lives running parallel with each other.


You get busy, and I get busy, we all get it. Now what? 


Staying connected, communicating, is key to keeping things rolling along. I might not be THE expert in relationships, but I’ve managed to maintain a pretty darn awesome one for 15 years now, so let’s say I know some stuff. A connection isn’t something you should wait to show up or reappear; you have to go after it. If it’s time for you to reconnect with your partner, these ideas should help you out.

Try Camping

My friend Liv is freaking out right now. Haha. But it works. You go, just the two of you {if that’s possible, family trips can be fun too}, and with all the quiet, wifi free time, you find a way to reconnect even if it’s just to come together to figure out how the heck that giant tent ever fitted into that tiny bag. Mr Suger and I head to the beach all the time for this reason. Whether it’s one night or an entire week, it gives us a chance just to BE together.


Try heading out at night; just the two of you.

You could go into nature, out to dinner, or even stroll through the street of your local area – safety first. Taking the time in the quiet of night to spend some time together helps you to reconnect no matter what your day threw at you. It’s like the old saying goes, don’t go to bed angry. Well, we’re saying, don’t go to bed without checking in.


My Doctor told me once that he and his wife would take a walk around the block every night after dinner was cleared away. It would be a quiet moment for them to talk about their day, share what was going on for them and get some exercise. And I love that idea. It’s great for digestion, apparently, and it makes time for a daily debrief away from the house. It may not be suitable for those with young children, but for everyone else, this is a great idea. Exercise and connection, win/win.


Try a quiet night in, no TV.

Kel and I are guilty of getting home late, eating whatever dinner can be cobbled together and flopping on the couch, exhausted. We decompress there until it’s time for bed and then the day is over. Couch time isn’t a bad thing, but make sure that you spend some of that time without the distraction that is TV. Cuddle up, absolutely, but turn on some music, grab a book or so something that allows for conversation. I especially recommend the cuddling; wink wink.


Eat out, no phones

Kel and I are pretty good about having an actual conversation when we go out to eat. We tend to check in on our phones while we wait for our breakfast order in the same way people read the newspaper. When it’s been a while since we got to hang out or if the conversation is limited to shopping lists and dinner arrangements, we leave the phones behind. Use that time to have an actual conversation and not just run through things you have to do this week or mundane stuff. Reconnect, you know what you need to do.


Share the love, how do you reconnect with your partner? When life is busy, what keeps you in touch? Leave it in the comments and help us all out, would you? Haha.


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reconnect with your partner - Suger Coat It

reconnect with your partner - Suger Coat It

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