things I learnt this week

In case you missed me complaining on every social media outlet possible, I was sick, I had the flu. But all that sickness and laying about attempting some semblance of a speedy recovery, I figured out a few things. Things I thought you might just be interested in hearing about, maybe? So here we go, not interested in the random ramblings and brain dumping of this girl, look away folks, nothing to see here!

I learnt that my husband would be excellent if there were a global pandemic. You know the movie Contagion? Or even the TV show Preppers? Either way both are an excellent way to get yourself worked up about there being a global pandemic that tears through the population leaving few in its wake. I watched both this week and one thing because crystal clear, Mr Suger and his insistence on Glen20’ing me, would be a great friend to have in such a circumstance.

He has an excellent supply of camping equipment, is handy with the whole finding and purifying water thing; he has duct tape and plastic to make a clear room… He’s ruthless when it comes to sick people spreading germs. I have had a snog since I left for work Monday. Cutthroat, I tells ya. I want him on my side if the pandemic comes. You probably won’t be allowed to come; he’s strict remember, but hopefully we’ll see you on the other side.

I learnt that if you sleep with your feet up on the end of the couch for like 3 hours your toes will turn blue, and the pins and needles will be killer when you wake. There’s no real lesson in that, just more of a warning. Stupid high armed couch.

I learnt that there are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that will help you out and the kind who will SAY they will help you out. And I’d rather be the first kind. Saying that isn’t a dig at anyone who did or didn’t text or check in on me or whatever, just more of a general observation after so much time spent scrolling through Facebook.

Plenty of people say they will help, even stick up their hands to volunteer, but when it comes down to it, you’re on your own. I want to be someone who can be counted on, even if it means that sometimes I feel like people take advantage of our willingness to be helpful. I found a great quote that says something along the line of don’t be angry that they only call when they need help, be happy that they thought of you in their time of need. I want to be that person; the rest is just ego.

I learnt that even if I want to wear black all summer, even the fashion people say no. Seriously. I asked them. They said no. They said wear more colour, test your styling muscles with it, embrace the colour. Sure I rolled my eyes a little and sighed, but I’m somewhat convinced. I will incorporate more colour. I’m thinking maybe it’ll be orange. HA.

Where does one even start to incorporate more colour when they have been staunchly black, white, grey and denim for a while now. And sure there was some colour involved but I certainly wasn’t trying to add them. Help me? When sports luxe is so monochrome, where would you add colour? I am thinking maybe another pair of sneakers?

And finally I learnt that tomatoes are really high in vitamin c. I had my suspicions; I’d been craving tomato on fresh bread with butter for days, but it was confirmed to be super high. Very good for what ails ya. So get them into you, along with strawberries apparently. All the berries, in fact, are pretty darn good for you. And plums. Whatever floats your boat. This week I’m back on my green smoothies, no excuses, I’m not getting sick like this again ever. Heck, I’m even considering the flu shot next year!

And that my friends is me, over and out. Enjoy your week!

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