In case you missed the sappy good bye Instagrams, Mr Suger is away at the moment. He’s having a great Aussie adventure of epic proportions fishing in the Northern Territory. It’s absolutely his thing. It’s pretty much entirely not mine. So I’m here at home and enjoying the peace and quiet that is an empty house. I read something about fire signs and enjoying their own company, alone time, and it’s the truth. One hundred and fifty percent correct.

And then this week, it sort of isn’t.

At night, when I finally pack away my laptop, the quiet is lonely. And lonely isn’t something I’ve ever really done in my life. Large family, close siblings, all that jazz. I’ve never been lonely in the quiet. But this week, there have been times that I have been. Don’t tell Liv. I find myself heading to bed early to read and escape the quiet. I miss him. What can I say?

Somewhere along the way, the people I know, the lives  shared, they got to me. And yes, part of me wonders if this is a ramble produced from wine and watching the new Annie movie. It’s weird, they were right, Jamie Foxe is adorable, though. But it’s true. Tough exterior well and truly gone. Replaced with a giant cuddly bear apparently.

So yes, I miss my husband when he’s gone, but I am loving the space, the quiet and the room to pull together the fifty million projects I have on the go at the moment. Between my upcoming Instagram workshop, a retreat I’m attending (more on that soon), the Leave Home Blog’s 21 Days of Student Meals Challenge AND new website and social media clients, having a relationship to maintain was going to be inconvenient if I’m honest.

Relationships take work. Businesses and blogs take work. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to juggle the two. So Mr Suger’s timing it perfect. Now in the quiet of our new home, this place we built together, I enjoy this time to myself. I work hard and I sleep lots. Then when that husband person of mine comes home I will welcome him with open arms. Work done. Mind clear. And longing for some company. And that, my friends, will be a good day.

But thank goodness it’s a week or so away yet. 

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