This weekend was pretty uneventful. Not much on. I was lying low at home. Same old, same old, you know? Well. NOT. This weekend just gone was an extravaganza of awesome. I left home Saturday morning {fairly early all things considered} and set off for the Gold Coast to meet up with fabulous Queensland women who are interested in plus-size fashion, blogging and buying awesome clothes.

I expected it to be fun.

I expected it to cost me in the whole #cutthecraSuger process of kicking the habits I’ve gotten myself into lately.

I expected to laugh, swap stories and bond.

I expected great clothes.

I expected an even better time to be had.

And I expected right. It was great, a freaking amazing weekend that kicked off with lunch at Montezuma’s at Broadbeach. A bloggers dream with the sunlight streaming in, softened by garden surrounds and landing on the colourful décor. The bright array of fine-looking ladies didn’t hurt either. Colourfully dressed and grinning from ear to ear, sometimes nervous at the beginning.

My camera snapped away as I captured as many moments as I could. Determined to not just use my phone this time. To use my camera, put into action the things I’ve been learning about how my camera works and what makes for an interesting photo. So with an itching trigger finger I set about capturing the meetup in pictures. Check it out. 

plus size blogger meet up australia-3 plus size blogger meet up australia-5 plus size blogger meet up australia-6 plus size blogger meet up australia-7 plus size blogger meet up australia-10 plus size blogger meet up australia-12 plus size blogger meet up australia-13 plus size blogger meet up australia-14 plus size blogger meet up australia-15 plus size blogger meet up australia-16 plus size blogger meet up australia-18 plus size blogger meet up australia-17plus size blogger meet up australia-19 plus size blogger meet up australia-20 plus size blogger meet up australia-21 plus size blogger meet up australia-22 plus size blogger meet up australia-24 plus size blogger meet up australia-25 plus size blogger meet up australia-27

plus size blogger meet up australia-47

Are you a fan of margaritas? I am. the saltier, the better. The more sour and delicious, the more I love them. I also love Mexican food. I still dream of the Pork Belly Tacos I had in Melbourne. OMG, drool. So this was my favourite meal ever and even though it was a major detour to the #cutthecrapSuger plan, it was one I had allowed for and was more than willing to make. I mean, of course, right?

We ate and drank, gossiped and talked shop. It was one of those lunches we didn’t want to end. Unfortunately for us it had too as the restaurant team were keen to have their break before the night shift. Not that they told US that, they patiently waited in the background. Years in hospitality told me exactly what was going on and I did my best to hustle the ladies out the door.

Easier said than done, right? A City Chic outlet visit was being plotted… So after one final photo, a group shot, we were on our way. To phase two of the weekend. The hang out before dinner. But more about that later. I also plan a post with the photos that I took of a some of the outfits. I’ll try not to keep you all waiting for those. I know you’re keen to check it out. Here’s the group shot to keep you going.

plus size blogger meet up australia-51 plus size blogger meet up australia-53

And finally a big thank you to the good-looking pair who made it such an enjoyable day. We hope you got your workouts in. You can serve us margaritas any old time, you legends you. I sort of feel like we need to apologise for driving all your other customers away with our noise and general festivities but well, I’m not going to because that’s the best part. We’ll be back to visit soon. Brace yourselves.

plus size blogger meet up australia-45

And that’s about it. Fun, right? More to come. 


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