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I was born into a real estate, errrr interested, family. My parents had owned farms and investment property before I was born and later would open their own real estate office in my hometown. Houses are in the blood, what can you do? With that being the case, I purchased and moved into my first home at 18 years old, renting out the additional rooms to make ends meet. Later, when I moved out of the area, it would become my first investment property.

That’s property investment and me.

I had bought a block of land and employed a builder to build my first house from scratch. The low budget block was steep and the back retaining wall was taller than I am (which is pretty tall) because of the cut required to fit the house. The house was simple, fit for someone to rent and had plenty of room for me to improve the property before I put it on the market.

That little home, my very first, would become the best investment I’d made in the property market to this day. I chose a suburb that was at the start of a major development project; there were countless homes under construction, the makings of a thriving suburb without an overwhelming demand to inflate prices. Strong rental yield, cash positive, and a growing suburb to ensure future demand in the area. It was a smart property investment. It ticked ALL the boxes.

So property investment and you? How?

And that’s the point of this post. That for those looking to enter the property investment market, you need to figure out a few things for yourself. Things like what your goals are, whether you are investing for income generation, rental returns, to turn it over for a profit or hold it longer term. That’s where sites like Homesales come in handy with their investment property search tool. They allow you to search for property based on YOUR investment goals. Want higher rental yield? Search for that. Want a particular rental yield percentage? Use tools to search for properties that meet your requirements.

Over the years, I added and subtracted from the properties I owned as my needs changed. But property will always be where it’s at for me. I mean, you don’t become a property manager and stay in the career for a decade if you don’t like houses. Liking people helps too, but houses mostly. So if you’re interested in property investment and want somewhere to start, then take a look at the investment property search tools.

Questions always welcome in the comments. Because property; I like it.

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