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When I gave up the last of my office jobs, I gave up wearing corporate clothing AT ALL. It’d been in steady decline for a while, but that was the nail in the corporate coffin. My wardrobe was made up of relaxed fit dresses, casual tee’s and sneakers; soooo many sneakers. I was out of the game, so my wardrobe reflected that. And I was totally okay with that.

Then I started to notice the gaps. An event to attend here and a meeting that required something a little extra there. I realised that as much fun as I was having at the casual end of business casual, I needed something that served the other end. Enter the Neena Wrap Dress from Alison Dominy Designs.

It just happens to be in one of the best possible colours for my skin tone. Can’t be sad about that. There’s something simple about a wrap dress that appeals to my new casual look. The soft fabric and comfortable fit are just like wearing a tee and soft pants, but I’m dressed up and ready to business. Or a party for that matter.

Wearing Alison Dominy Designs Neena Wrap Dress (use sugercoatit for 20% off this dress and all full price items) and City Chic heels (similar). 

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