This week I had a request (my favourite thing ever) for a shopping board about plus size tops for work. Shirts specifically, but if you’ve ever shopped for a decent button down in plus, well you know the struggle.

I think I’d had some degree of success! I started looking and found a few button down options. Then I deviated! As usual, and expanded my search into blouses and tops with detailed sleeves or prints. I think just because you’re wearing something to the office, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull.

I say this as someone who has taken to wearing sneakers to work… Haha.

A little while ago I posted about a ten piece work wardrobe that still has some great items available in it. But if those aren’t you kind of thing, I’ve put together is a range of tops, shirts and blouses that will suit an office environment. But, you know, fun too.

I wanted items that were reasonably priced but not cheap, looked good and wore well. A dream, perhaps, but I’ve done my best. Please note that while care was taken in selecting these items, I don’t personally own them all, so no button gappage can’t be guaranteed. Sorry team. But if you’re ready to dive in, let’s check it out.

Where to buy plus size tops for work!

One Junarose Posta Short Sleeve Blouse | Two Alison Dominy Kiki Top
Three 17 Sundays Longline Shirt | Four ASOS Curve Ruffle Cotton Smock Top
Five Atmos & Here Circular Frill Peplum Top | Six Alison Dominy Annabelle Top
Seven DP Curve Butterfly Print Top | Eight ASOS Curve Premium High Neck Cotton Top
Nine Lost Ink Top with Frill Sleeve | Ten Atmos & Here Amelie Blouse

There you go! Let me know if you’ve seen anything lately that could work. You know I rely on you guys to keep me abreast of all these sorts of things. Found something? Leave the links in the comments below. And for those just here to shop, happy shopping!

Where to buy plus size tops for work - Suger Coat It

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