You guys loved and are still loving my post from last year about plus size spring racing fashion so I thought what better time to give it an update than now. It was a perfect excuse to look through the spring/summer runways and pick and chose the looks I think will show up this racing season in Australia.

I don’t know about you but when I look online, there are plenty of options for spring racing but not a lot of them incorporate options for those seeking a plus size. It’s not that I think you should be wearing anything different to what a standard shopper will be wearing, but it’s all about where do you get them, right? I’ve got you covered, I’ve only incorporated it if there was a link to buy it. You’re welcome.

There were a few trends that I would have loved to include but was unable to locate enough items to fit the category. While we are covering monochrome, feminine, lace and prints, I would have loved to be covering crop tops which are HUGE this spring but not at all according to what is available in Australia. Crops and cut outs. Same deal. There are items that fit these categories overseas, so if you’re comfortable with buying online via post forwarding or similar, I encourage you to do that. Please. For my sake. Do that! It’s so darn on trend that it hurts not to be able to include them here.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

plus size spring racing fashion - monochrome


I know, monochrome was here last year. But it’s probably been in every race day updated since the beginning of time. Hello, does My Fair Lady ring any bells? Haha. This year the update is, for me, about structure and design. Find a dress with an interesting element like the crop overlay on the dress to the left, or the frill on the sleeve on the right. Look for interesting details like these that add the wow factor then go all out with your headwear.

My all time, very best, most favourite races dress is a simple black dress plunging neckline covered with a lace panel and cut just above the knee. I’ve worn that dress to at least four race meets and it never has let me down in the style stakes. Classic is a classic for a reason. This year pair your monochrome dress with a bright lipstick and white accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Plus Size Spring Racing Fashion Update

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plus size spring racing fashion - soft subtle


Feminine is a description that I find hard to swallow, feminine can mean different things to different women. But in terms of fashion and trends for the races it appears to mean soft, watercolour almost, prints and sweeping, soft materials. So let’s go with that for now, shall we?

For the same reason as I mentioned above, choosing for this board was difficult. I wanted to cater to what is feminine and beautiful in a range of women. The crisp hourglass shape of the dress on the left with its beautiful watercolour print to the off the shoulder loveliness of the more casual style second from the right. This look is about embracing your feminine side, whatever it might look like.

Mine is probably the one in the centre with the pattern and embroidery. Plus the maxi dress is a little unusual for the races, but I like it. Unusual is different and unique. Find your femme style. For this look compliment your dress in similar shades or with the ever classic nude. This is a new season floral, so consider flowers in your hair.

Plus Size Spring Racing Fashion Update

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plus size spring racing fashion - lace


Lace and cutouts baring some skin are probably my favourite things for this coming spring racing. I found it difficult in Australia to find options for crop tops, so few, in fact, I didn’t include them {booooo}, so this is your chance to show some skin. Subtly, of course, or not, lace gives a peek of skin that will ensure you’re still allowed in all the best marquees.

The lace dresses I found to cover the spectrum of girlish innocence to womanly va-voom. Choose your own adventure ladies, but my personal pick is the sexy black number left of centre followed closely by the simple white shift on the very left. Signs of a split personality perhaps.

When wearing your lace races dress I suggest pairing your dress with the opposing ‘level’ of accessories. White, simple dress? Add bright strappy heels and a wild crown of a hat. Sexy black lace? Pair with simple, classic accessories like a point toe heel in the same colour and a glom-esh bag. Be interesting. Don’t just reach for the first item you see. Get creative.

Plus Size Spring Racing Fashion Update

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plus size spring racing fashion - prints


Most of the styles and trends are fairly sedate, monochrome, soft feminine, lace… Well, if those styles aren’t for you, if you’re a little more brazen and rambunctious, then this one is for you. Pattern and print; let’s get loud!

Prints for spring are as mixed as they are colourful. Bright and loud and just a wee bit over the top is the cry. So what better opportunity to go a little bit nuts than a race day (heck THE race day; Melbourne Cup) than with a printed number like those shown. For me, I can’t go past the simplicity of the dress second from the right. I love to find more casual dresses to style up for race meets and this fits my bill perfectly.

Feeling a little brave? Ok. A lot brave. Mix these printed dresses with a mismatched print clutch and shoes for a mad swirl of brightly coloured awesome. Feeling like the dress is already loud enough? Well, colour-match your accessories to the print or go with nude (yes again, I’m a fan, what can I say). Be a little brave though and consider those combinations you might throw out at first glance. Have some fun.

Plus Size Spring Racing Fashion Update

Shop Left to Right > one, two, three, four, five

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