Around here, we embrace the bikini body, especially for the fellow long torso friends. But as much love as I have for the bikini, tankini and all their ‘ini friends, sometimes I want something more. I want to be able to move freely, without concern for what I’m wearing and any potential ‘cup runneth over’ moment. So often, that means I’m reaching for a one-piece swimsuit. Something that will give me the coverage to jump, reach and play hard without worrying that your bits and pieces will giggle free. The kind of togs you can wear to the beach to body surf, the pool for aqua aerobics or around small children who love to expose a boob while clinging on for dear life.


The always dependable, granny knickers of the water; a one-piece swimsuit.


The good news is that in opposition to your granny pants, you don’t have to forgo looks for your swimwear performance. Long gone are the days when you only had a black or navy speedo (there’s still one in the mix below, for old times sake, haha) to choose from when it came to plus-size one-piece swimsuits. I started looking for something recently and found dozens and dozens of options.

For this post, I’ve tried to focus on the type of suits that would give you a little more support and coverage for an active moment. But if you want that stomach coverage and are into showing off a little more boob or bum, there are plenty more options from most of these retailers to show some more skin. Speaking of which, I noticed that cutouts are having a moment (still?). The swimwear brands theme seems to be to do what you want, wear what you like and enjoy your summer. Now that’s a message I can get behind!


Here are some plus-size one-piece swimsuits I found that are available online now;


2022's best plus-size one piece swimsuits - Suger Coat It


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one.  Andie Swim Tulum Ribbed Terry One Piece *

two. Curvy Swimwear Santorini Blue Frill Sleeve One Piece *

three. PoolProof Sliced One Piece Swimsuit

four. Curvy Swimwear Lace-Up One Piece in Magenta *

five. Active Truth Noosa One Piece White Ripple *

six. Cupshe Printed Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

seven. Cotton On Curve Surf Long Sleeve Suit

eight. Active Truth Bondi One Piece in Navy and Black *

nine. Kmart Curve One Piece Swimsuit

ten. Cupshe Elodie Floral Plus Size One Piece 

eleven. Speedo Endurance Clipback One Piece

twelve. Artesands Copper Cheetah Monet One Piece Swimsuit

thirteen. Curve Boss Australia One Piece Swimsuit *

fourteen. Artesands Pale Blue Eco Paradise One Piece

fifteen. Andie Swim Malibu Long Torso Swimsuit *

sixteen. Curve Boss Australian One Piece Halter Swimsuit

seventeen. Cotton On Curve Gathered Front One Piece *

eighteen. Cupshe Christy Floral Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

nineteen. PoolProof Crossover Sheath One Piece

twenty. Curvy Swimwear Provence Criss Cross One Piece


*other colours available


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Where to Buy Plus-Size One Piece Swimsuits - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy Plus-Size One Piece Swimsuits - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy Plus-Size One Piece Swimsuits - Suger Coat It


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