Plus, size swimwear has come a looooong way. A long way. And there are lots of options out there for cute posing and poolside glam. I love that! That wasn’t something we had a lot of options with. BUT, what if you’re trying to swim in the ocean or pool, in a creek, dam or paddling pool. Then what? Where are the suits that are cute AND functional?

And before we start, I wanted to share this post about my experience with swimwear and some advice my Mum gave me once. A lifelong beach lover, I never saw her in anything more than togs and a sheer throw or sarong all summer my entire life. Take a tip from the master. Haha.


Curvy Swimwear

If you own a piece from this range or their sister brand Capriosca, then you KNOW what quality swimwear is. Built to hold you in place as you take on whatever it is you love to do in the water, these swimmers (yes, even the strapless ones) are rock solid. Owned and operated from the sunshiney Gold Coast, it’s really no surprise that the team managed to create swimwear that was made to live in.

Shop the range online here.

Sequins and Sand

A great one-stop-shop for swimwear that will serve you for active purposes (and leisure, let’s face it) without giving up the goodies is Sequins and Sand. Stocking one of my favourite pool brands, the Capriosca chlorine resistant swimwear range, this boutique online store is owned and operated from Adelaide. Local, always a win.

Check out this season’s offerings here. 

Swimsuits for All

Offering a large selection of swimwear, meeting a huge number of price points and style needs, Swimsuits for All is exactly what it says. Head here for an exceptional choice of rashies, cover-ups, speedo style swimwear and separates for those who need to do a little mixing and matching size-wise. Quality has, on occasion, been a little hit and miss, but the vast majority of the suits I own from this supplier have been great.

Start exploring the massive range here.

City Chic

I’m giving an honourable mention to the team at City Chic for their latest swimwear range. It looks way more functional than previous options. In fact, a City Chic bikini top attempted to drown me once. Did I ever tell you? The front of the top was too wide or something, and it acted like a scoop when you dived through the water… A bad plan when it comes to ducking under waves. Let. Me. Tell. YOU.

Check out the current collection here.


Happy shopping! And try not to drown the team. Haha. 

Know a go-to brand or online store I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments. I found THE BEST bra store that way; I want your feedback, team. Gimme gimme. x

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