I was in a conversation the other day about finding clothing inspiration from plus-size fashion bloggers when you’re at the larger side of plus. A young woman was looking for places to shop and inspiration; she wears a US 20/22 (AU 24/26’ish). Stumped, she had reached out to a group I’m in and asked for suggestions. Of course, I sent in my list, American-based since she is. And it made me realise, I should totally do a round-up on the blog. Obviously! And here we are talking size 22+ plus-size fashion people.

Too often we tend to see the next big thing, plus-size fashion-wise, come from Instagram’ers/Bloggers in that size 14-18 category. I’ve done a post about Australian Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers to follow. And well, great. But what about the other end of the spectrum? What about the bigger end of things? Where are the coverage and representation there? Don’t you worry, friend, I’ve got you. Here are some size 22+ plus-size bloggers that I follow. Most of them are top of the game with some of the highest content-producing Instagrams out there. In. The. World. Some still even have blogs. I know, that’s so 2015 of us. I went as global as I could with my selections, I hope you find someone new to love.


Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers (Size 22+) you need to follow on Instagram!



Callie Thorpe 



Chloe in Curve



Natalie Means Nice



Stylish Curves



Rez to the City



Jazmyn Produces



Ready To Stare



Stephanie Zwicky



Stephanie Yeboah



Meagan Kerr



Kelly Augustine



Maddy Gutierrez



Rosey Bee Me



It’s Me Kellie B



And there you go, team. I hope while you’re over on Instagram adding all these ladies you stop by my account @sugercoatit and say hello! I’d love to see you there. Sharing outfit photos and my personal style, hasn’t really been something I’ve done a lot of in the past couple of years. At one time, that was a conscious choice, but other times, I just haven’t been confident in the quality of content I was producing. Which, I know probably seems silly to some people. Just post the photo, right?

But my work matters to me, I want it to be good, or at very least improving. Yes, sometimes I get caught up in the idea that if it’s not right. But if it’s not good enough, then I shouldn’t use it. The real problem is when nothing is good enough and there’s really other stuff going on. I thought I’d share that as a nod to the women featured above who make things almost daily to share. That takes something, the least of all being a lot of work. My hat is off to them!


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Plus size fashion bloggers on instagram - Suger Coat It

Plus size fashion bloggers on instagram - Suger Coat It

Plus size fashion bloggers on instagram - Suger Coat It


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