These lists are everywhere, right? People to follow and you find the same people on it over and over again. Not much help, we all know the BIG GUNS. The ones who accumulate followers by the thousands. But what about the accounts that demonstrate good old fashion style? What about those accounts?

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Between curating my account and research for workshops or client meetings, it’s my most used app. Sometimes I land on an account that I just cannot understand how it doesn’t have a billion followers. The same can be said the other way too. Like, how!? No clue man, no clue. Anyway.

In the interest in sharing the love, the insta fashion inspiration love, I made a list of accounts under 20k you NEED to follow. These are women who share outfit and fashion inspiration from right here in Australia. I think it can be easy to get caught up in assuming our inspiration need come from overseas, it’s just not true. We have PLENTY of great stuff right here.

But wait, before we get this started, you follow my account, right? Yes, I know, it’s always about me. I like to curate my feed in a way that shares all the great stuff this blog covers, my life in captions and my everyday outfits (when you haven’t seen them a billion times, I’m an outfit repeater as we know). Now that the self-promotion moment is finished, let’s get to know some of my fashionista favourites, shall we?

Australian Plus Size Bloggers on Instagram! 


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Olivia – @waituntilsunset

Oh man, this girl. I met Liv a few years ago now, and I swear, she has the closet of every plus woman’s dreams. It’s wide, it’s varied, and it’s packed to the gills with a riot of colour, a range of brands and her signature purses. Liv has bought this joyful fun vibe to my life since she sauntered into it. And I know, if you let her into your life she’ll bring it to yours too. Plus, her travel pics are NOT to be missed #travelenvy.


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Jess – @j1987t

I adore Jess; her everyday style is something to be admired. There’s no way I could share my outfit every single day and not bore people to tears; Jess, nails it. Fun and funky, and TALL for those who want some tall-girl inspo, her colourful style is a must-see. She’s not afraid to wear what she likes when she likes it.



A post shared by Suzanne Stevens (@suzie_stevens) on

Suzie – @suzie_stevens

This retro queen will brighten up your feed every day of the week. Hers is one of the accounts that I can’t understand how it doesn’t have a billion followers. It’s beautifully curated and Suzie’s modelling work blends seamlessly with her personal style. As an Instagram coach, it’s something to see. But that aside, you want style? She’s got it in spades.



A post shared by Sarah Woodward (@itssarahwoodward) on

Sarah – @itssarahwoodward

I came across Sarah a little while ago when she followed my account. After seeing the way she put pieces together and the time she put into curating her feed, I couldn’t resist following along. A little quiet at times, this is the sort of account that pops up in your feed and changes your day one cool pic at a time.


Kobi – @kobi_jae

Oh, bless this woman’s heart I adore her. When you follow her, and you should, you’ll find out soon enough what a charming, full of light person she is. And that’s not an act, that’s her. And you can tell by the vibrant, exciting, fun way she expresses herself through style. So much fun, so much colour. Enjoy!



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Nat – @natatree

Another blogger who has been blogging since time began, Natalie from Extra Large as Life is a riot of colour, fan girl wonderment and keeper of multiple coloured hair. Her style is versatile and ever-changing, it’s inspiring to watch the fluid nature of it. That’s probably just a complicated way of saying that you never know what you’re going to get while you’re there. You’re going to love this sweetheart, I promise you that, every part of this girl is heart.



A post shared by Clair Seymour (@clairseymour) on

Clair – @clairseymour

I met Clair at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival last year and her account was storming the Insta world gaining followers daily thanks to her sexy, casually confident style. Let’s just say, this gorgeous woman had me at pleather mini skirt and hasn’t let go. Plus, she wears jeans like no one’s business. Can’t argue with that.



A post shared by Lilli (@frocksandfroufrou) on

Lilli – @frocksandfroufrou

A blog veteran (sorry lady, veteran is the only word I could think of) Lilli’s blog was one of the first Australian blogs I came across when I started blogging. That was long before fashion even came on my radar. Her quirky, personal style has been inspiring women for years with her attention to detail and ability to whip up a creation if the stores don’t come to the party with what she wants to wear. Charming AF, don’t skip Lilli.


Desiree – @MadameRougeMakeup

A close friend and beauty blogger, Desiree has an interest in fashion and style from a makeup point of view. Her flat lay game is pretty darn strong and she assures me that there will be more outfits coming soon. After all, if there’s something that the makeup game needs, it’s a bit of diversity in the faces and looks we see there. Her presence as a plus size woman in an industry notorious for being unwelcoming of difference is exciting. Plus, she’s pretty darn awesome.



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Hayley – @fashionhayley

THE original plus blogger, there were few bloggers before her in Australia and none that do it like her to this day. You might recognise her from her work on the City Chic blog (since 1902) but her #pinkcore fashion will find its way to your happy place and live there. Sharing her personal style and life via Insta Stories, Hayley will brighten your feed. Literally.



A post shared by Rhiannon Hennessy (@flossylox) on

Rhiannon – @flossylox

Slay. Seriously, I’m not someone to use the phrase slay EVER, but there’s only one word to describe Rhiannon. Her personal style is unmatched in the Australian blog scene and if you’re a sneakerhead, you’re not going to want to miss this. Plus, for those playing at home, I adore this woman. She is quietly kind and generous in a way you don’t see a lot. You’re going to love her.



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Daniela – @danielarose930

Easily the longest legs in the business, and creator of Model Off Duty YouTube series. You’ll love Daniela’s account if you want some behind the scenes model goss combined with her personal style, killer video content and even better hair. I don’t think I will ever recover from how great she looks in this Embody denim jumpsuit. Ever.



A post shared by Mandy Leigh (@iammandyleigh) on

Mandy Leigh – @iammandyleigh

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Amanda develop her personal style over the past couple of years and it’s been the best! The freedom in her wardrobe, the pretty much daily outfit shares are a must see. Think your favourite retailers combined with affordable finds from Kmart and Misguided, it’s the budget fashionista at its best. 


And that’s the list, team! If you get on board and follow these rock stars, I know your Instagram experience will be better for it.