My hair is something I complain about often. It’s too wild, too frizzy, too annoying… But come Sunday morning as Desiree crimped and primped it into a lion’s mane I thanked my lucky stars for such hair. I was the cowardly lion and my hair was perfect. A giant mane of madness that was the entire reason that I felt a million bucks in my costume.

Until I didn’t but that’s more related to being struck down by the plague after attending my nephew’s 1st birthday party where it appears half the guests caught a bug. A stomach bug to be precise. It’s not pretty around these here parts folks! I’m home today actually after spending all night in and out of bed or tossing and tuning in bed. I’ve been to the shops for juice and ice. 

I’m dying, short version. Have I mentioned lately that I hate being sick? Well I do.


BUT I promised you all a little more about my costume so while I am upright, before the next movie starts to play, I thought now is the time. When it came to creating my look for the Cowardly Lion of Wizard of Oz fame we started with a photo from Pinterest and one of those costumes you can buy online under the label of plus-size that when it arrives is more like a 16 than a 20.

I realised pretty quickly that this tiny dress was more like a peplum top so after a last-minute change I switched it out for a nude dress I owned. I kept the ears, choker with pendant, the tail {which I cut off the dress} and the gloves. I went to Lincraft the day before and purchased a metre of teddy bear material for less than $14 and after holding it against the width of my shoulders to measure cut arm holes in it to make a cute, snuggly vest.

Forget story time, here’s how!

Then it was time to bring in the a-team. Desiree of Madame Rouge Makeup agreed to do my hair and makeup despite it being EARLY sunday morning after I bribed her with a sleepover in my empty house. I called it a spa retreat. She was enticed alright. Haha. I’m going to let her tell you more about the hair and makeup in a future post but the basics are;

  • She started with a base and contoured my face a little
  • She then drew on the winged liner, nose and freckles with eyeliner
  • She added mascara on the upper and lower lids
  • She added additional coverage under my eyes and across the bridge of my nose {I’d been out the night before}
  • Then set the whole lot with powder.

And for the hair, well she had this teeny tiny hair crimper and went to town. It took ages as the paddle is really small but it was worth it. After she painstakingly crimped my entire head of hair, we turned my head upside down and brushed it. Seriously, it was spectacular. People thought I was wearing a wig it was that perfectly tousled and messy. See what I mean? My hair was MADE to be the cowardly lion. If I had any tips it would be use day or two old hair, dry shampoo and hairspray. The more messy and matted it looks the better.

plus size cowardly lion costume hair makeup-2 plus size cowardly lion costume hair makeup-1 plus size cowardly lion costume hair makeup-3

Fun, right? Do you love a good dress-up occasion?

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