Before we talk work style outfits and stripes, double stripes and mega stripes, I’ve got some news. This, ladies and gentleman, will be my last post featuring my half and half hair. I held out as long as I could, but summer blonde was calling me. I had to go. So next time you see me I’ll be a dirty sort of blonde that will be super easy for me to maintain over summer. Because the beach awaits and hair dye is going to be the least of my troubles.

But you want to talk about this work style outfit, yeah?

A bit of stripe and stripe action. Which we all know I’m a huge fan of. for this outfit I paired a top and skirt from the last season release from 17 Sundays and I tucked the top into the ruched skirt that I wore with black over here. The mishmash of the stripes is my favourite thing. Some this way, some that way, they go all over the place and it makes sure a super interesting outfit without having to try to hard. Perfect when you’re dashing out the door to work.

You guys have seen me wear work style stripes like this before. For me, it’s such a chic and cheerful workplace addition. I find myself falling into a bit of a rut at work when it comes to black shift dresses, black skirts, black tops (I am a shocker in the mornings, I need to plan better at night to avoid the last-minute grab). So stripes are a great alternative for me. But continue to black theme. Do you fall back on stripes for your work or casual style?

Still looking at stripes and wondering if they are for you? Check out my post titled ‘are horizontal stripes REALLY making you look fat‘ and maybe you’ll have some of your concerns answered. Because let’s face it, being Team Stripes is a lifestyle choice around here. I even wrote a post once about how to wear stripes LIKE A BOSS if you think that’s your kind of thing. Anyway, enough old post-flogging and a little more outfit photo’ing, right? Let the (pinnable if you like) photos roll…

all stripe plus size work outfit all stripe plus size work outfit all stripe plus size work outfitall stripe plus size work outfit all stripe plus size work style outfitall stripe plus size work style outfit

Wearing all 17 Sundays (all the time, what can I say, I find something I like I flog it to death). Both pieces are last season but keep your eyes peeled in your local MYER, otherwise check out the new season stripes and make your own version. Try this top and this skirt.

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