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When I received the request to write a post with a 2014 wardrobe update I was excited. A great opportunity to share what I’ll be wearing and my ideas on what’s going to be hot this year and what essential items you’ll need for your wardrobe to be all trendy and such. So in conjunction with the Autograph Fashion, I present a sneak peek into what I’ll be shopping for in 2014. Fun!

Now let’s face it, every time someone asks me to write something like this I roll my eyes a little and giggle. I don’t feel like an authority on such matters. I’m just a girl who knows what she likes. So with that in mind and my credibility as an expert shot, here’s what I’m thinking you will want to get you fashionably through 2014, a shopping board {or two, derrr} and some photos of an outfit that sums it up for me.

2014 for me is about prints, monochrome, unexpected pairings and keeping it simple.

For all the runway items I’ve seen online these are the things that stick out most for me. Even moving forward. In winter I see the monochrome shades of black and white beautifully complemented by maroon {please don’t make me call it Oxblood to be cool} and the rich tones so commonly associated with winter. Ankle boots too. Make sure you get yourself a pair of great go-to boots. I’ve seen them everywhere throughout summer and I can’t see people taking them off come winter.

Since we’re talking about shoes, expect there to be lots of flat-forms and platforms out and about.

And from what I can tell right next to them will be the pointiest, strappiest shoe you could imagine. It will be a choose your own adventure of shoes from the seriously comfortable to the serious business. As far as the essentials go I have a killer pair of wedges, some ankle boots in a neutral shade or print, a pair of ankle-strap sandals and a ridiculous pair of heels that gets taken out on the town for dinner and other sitting type events.

For casual, look for fresh lines {knotted hemlines and floor scraping lengths}, brave a crop top or add a dash of chambray.

I’ve seen a couple of look books for the coming seasons now and there will be lots of great patterned items that you can wear casually and dress up when required. Texture and layers are {remaining} a big deal with lots of form-fitted items to show off your shape. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling very nineties if you weren’t already.



Basic Short Sleeve Top {similar}
Patterned Long Pants
Tan Sandals and Bag {sold out online}


I’ve rounded up a few things below {using Polyvore, thank goodness!} that will get you on your way to diverse 2014 wardrobe. Keep in mind a lot of the trends we are seeing can be found in an overstocked wardrobe already. Drag out those oversized t-shirts and skinny jeans or jeggings, dig deep for anything chambray and toss on a print or two to update any look. Wear tan with black and white. Wear yellow with orange and blue. Pair things together that the old rules say you shouldn’t.



Plus Size Trends for 2014


Top {left to right} Lace Hem Dress, Swing Dress, Floral Dress, Glitter Dress, Safari Dress
Bottom {left to right} Sheer Panel Chambray Shirt, Chambray Shirt, Pattern Button Up, Panelled Tank, Drop Hem Top


Plus Size Casual Trends for 2014

Top {left to right} Studded Sweat, Cropped Jacket, Texture Jumper, Striped Top
Bottom {left to right} Sheer Top, Colour Blocked Maxi, Suger Stripe Dress {Yup that’s its name!},
Casual Dress, Glam Jogger

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