Tonight I’m going to dress up a little, put on some make-up and do my hair {with the assistance earlier today of Bec! Hey babe, thanks} and celebrate my Dad. It’s his birthday. And it’s a biggie. The decorations, the invites, the food, the drinks are all taken care of. Now comes the important thing. What the HECK am I going to wear? I will only have an hour between setting up and having to leave for the party so I really don’t have time to be stuffing around figuring out an outfit. I’m more organised for a friend’s engagement party tomorrow night. I’ve already pretty much decided what to wear to THAT. But I’m a bit stuck.

This is meant to be the fun bit.
But it’s always a bit stressful.
What to wear.
How dressy?
How comfortable?
What style?
How easily could someone walk in wearing the same thing?

Such a lame worry to have. Really. But best I get on with it. Excuse the rambling.

What do YOU have on this Friday night?


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