It’s sort of become a thing. Every year my sister throws herself a birthday party and since my 30th I’ve decided to adopt the same tradition. Why not, right? But in true last-minute fashion early last week I decided it was absolutely happening and that I’d best invite some people. Essential party type things people are. Otherwise there is no party. Just you.

Inspired by Kate’s 30th earlier this year I had this grand plan to whip out the fairy lights and make my backyard sparkle. Hubby had a grand plan to go fishing. Nice one. So when I asked Desiree if she had any fairy lights I could borrow she went one better. She sent her Hubby with fairy lights, led strip lights and some party lights. He then insisted I put up and light my lanterns from my birthday last year. He was sooooo right. The effect was absolutely party worthy.

Mission accomplished.

my backyard birthday party-2


We had people over for a bring a plate BBQ. Then the BBQ died. Awkward. My niece and nephews ran madly through the house, laughing and enjoying the coloured disco lights while the adults grouped outside. The late notice meant it wasn’t a huge crowd, but all the important people were pretty much here. Almost. So we ate, drank, laughed, chatted and hung out. Around 11pm those of us who were heading to the pub got dressed to do that.

It was a simple, awesome night up until then and it continued on. I don’t know about you but this sort of thing is so very much up my ally. I love being able to kick back at home and entertain people. I love good food and drink. I even like dancing at a sweaty pub to old school music that I know all the words too. Life, my friends is good. And THAT is how I party.

my backyard birthday party-4

Oh, you were hoping for more photos? Well awkward. I didn’t really get any of those. There are about a million on Instagram. Trillions even. Haha. Okay maybe not that many. But I figure if you are interested here’s the hashtag and a link to somewhere you can view them. But then I remembered those cool people at snapwidget have super sized gallery type plug-ins and I might as well share one of those! You’re welcome.

When was the last time YOU had a birthday party?

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