Hosted by Jessica, Director of MFWPlus, the panel was a great night to kick off things for us. Having missed the soft launch on Sunday evening, we were excited to get to the first of the event scheduled for the week. And if this is an indicator of things to come, then I’m excited.

The panel included:

Meagan Kerr – renowned New Zealand fashion and style blogger and body positive public speaker

Kath Read – fat activist and advocate, prolific and passionate feminist writer, media darling

Sarah Harry – Body Image and Disordered Eating specialist, clinician, lecturer, researcher, fat yogi and writer

The panel promised to be, and I quote, a passionate discussion on the topic of fashion, lived experiences as a plus size woman and how the two combine to colour how we present, and sometimes armour, ourselves against the world. And it delivered. The questions presented by the organisers kicked the evening off with some fun and flowing conversation from the panel.

During the break, we were encouraged to leave our questions and they would form the second half of the evening. This gave the audience a chance to expand on topics covered or gain coverage for anything not covered. There was a depth to these questions that showed the women in the room have lived these experiences and considered their place in the world.

And a considered place in the world is a good one in my books. It’s such an interesting conversation to be in. As a woman who has never fit into this compact, thin, ideal that is placed on women, it was great to share those experiences with others and hear their take on things.

I mean, as a bit of a lover of exercise, Sarah Harry of Fat Yoga may just be my new favourite person. What a freaking superstar. What a gift to this world that woman is. Seriously. If you haven’t found Sarah online yet, do it! Look for Fat Yoga Australia and fall in love team.

It was great, short version. Plus, it was also a pretty fun bar. Just quietly. And I loved meeting some of the ladies I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting in the blog world before then. A few of us closed the place, they were literally carrying in tables from outside and went to grab some food afterwards. Win!

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