Slipping the fabric of this white dress over my head, pulling it over my hips and into position around my legs, I thought to myself how comfortable, how easy it is to wear and how stylish. With a shake of my hair, the grabbing of my favourite boots and the addition of some jewels I was ready. Another dinner out. Grocery shopping has been avoided this week at all costs. ALL costs.

I shouted to Mr Suger that I would meet him in the car, grabbed my camera on the way past and flicked through my phone while I waited for him to join me. We left and on the way pulled over to grab some photos. The sun was setting, so we had to be fast. We do this often, fast is not a problem. Then as we returned to the car Mr Suger, with an odd look on his face said, I don’t know, and that dress looks like a cross between a sack and a nighty but with better material. Then he shrugged, jumped in the car, and turned the key.

As he drove us to dinner, I punched him on the arm. Told him to shut up, this dress rocks and what would he know anyways. I love the man, but he is the worst when it comes to helping choose my outfits. It’s the reason we’ve decided I wouldn’t ask him, and he wouldn’t tell me. After all, he has no idea, right?

Mesh Panel Midi White Dress – Boohoo + {size – UK24 – gifted}
Gold Necklace – Diva 
Turquoise Necklace and Bangles – Sequins and Sand {gifted}
Ankle Boots – Barefoot Tess



You might also want to check out this dress with THE jacket. The structure of the jacket gives it a whole different look.

Do you ever wear things that your partner thinks are odd? You do it anyway, right?


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