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Don’t EVEN get me started on this one. Don’t even. There is an assumption out there that if you spend your time considering how you look and what you wear that you are superficial and somehow unworthy of serious consideration. I’d never really thought about it before. I’ve always liked to take time considering what to wear and how to put an outfit together, it has always been an expression of me.

Who knew that the impression I was sending was dimwit?

Certainly not me. But just last week I was told by someone who I’d met a few times here or there that they didn’t have time for such things. That in the scheme of things it didn’t seem important, silly even. I could feel my what the heck lady frown line kick in. Nose scrunch and everything. I wondered to myself as I stared at her if there was any way that she had missed the fact that I write a blog about fashion… Did she just call me silly?


And no I don’t want my blog to be recognised by some official importance authority and deemed to be worthy of caring about. It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that we as women are told that you are either smart, or pretty. That you can care about important things like politics and starving children, or you can care about rot like make-up and fashion.

This is one area that you can have both. Have it all if you like.

It’s probably one of the areas in life that it’s true. You can have it all or none of it and each decision is okay. That’s what I want to say most today. I want to say that women who care what they wear, take the time to apply make-up and do their hair probably do it to feel good. Who are you or I to call them shallow or less serious than a woman who wouldn’t.

My motto is that the days I get to it, I get to it. The days I don’t, I don’t. I’d hate to be judged purely on appearance but let’s face it, that happens to women all the time. It’s something that makes me want to shake people. No I’m not a dim-wit if I care, no you’re not less attractive if you don’t. Let it go people, let it goooooo.

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plus size casual leather outfit for winter-7

So now that I’ve finished having my saaay, let’s talk about this outfit. It’s about as comfortable as these things get, leggings with an oversized top, open moto jacket. And I didn’t even have to do my hair. Easy. Like I said earlier in the week on the Defined Image Facebook page {when it was shared there}, I love this look because all the textures of the materials work together to make it interesting.

And it’s got this tough chick vibe to it.

My obsession with leather, pleather and monochrome continues, obviously. I have this thing about trying to push the boundary and see if I can make it work in black, white, grey and denim all the time. It’s like a mini challenge. I’ve actually taken off items with colour to replace them with grey. Ahh well, a girl has to have her little challenges and a bit of a play in her wardrobe. It’ll make Spring that little more exciting.

plus size casual leather outfit for winter-1 plus size casual leather outfit for winter-3

Moto Jacket – via Curvy Cartel
Oversized top with panels – 17 Sundays {oooold baby}
Skull Scarf – Diva Accessories
Pleated Pleather Leggings – ASOS Curve {Also available in regular}
Ankle Boots – Target Australia {similar}
Leather Cap – eBay
Hairband? Bloggers own. Haha.

plus size casual leather outfit for winter-2

Do you care about your clothes and make-up? Ever feel judged for doing so? 
And about pleather, I’m obsessed, right? 

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