One small moment, one tiny decision. OR one not so small moment, and one not so small decision. It depends which way you look at it. Life and the ways it unfolds. Gosh. I could hang about pondering such things all day. Luckily I have a blog to ramble on. I was having one of those mind wandering moments today. Thinking about life and how one small moment can shape it.

I looked up at my husband, this man I adore, on a 5m ladder in our new home and I worried for him. It’s a long way down from there and I hope we have done all we can to protect him. And as the day came to a close and he, for the hundredth times perhaps, climbed down the ladder I sighed because today it was ok.

Some days, for some people it isn’t.

And that’s what I was thinking about in my mind wander. The times in life that it’s too short, that it’s over before it begins, the times it just slips away. I guess in a lot of ways this time of year does that. You reflect on things as you recharge, bunkered down for the cooler months. I thought about times we have suffered loss in our lives. The lucky breaks. The bad choices that worked out in the end. We are the lucky ones.

I commented on a blog post I read the other day that the net had always appeared when I jumped. That my father would say to me that I was one of the lucky ones. I had a one hundred percent track record of being cared for, provided for, given more than enough. So I should expect that to continue. And so I do. Even in the dark times, the sad or bad times, in times of stress and anxiety, I do. I trust, some would call it faith, that I will be provided for.  Come what may.

And I use that to shape my single moments, the small ones, and my decisions. Even the tiny ones.

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