Mr. Suger and I planned to honeymoon in New Zealand not long after our wedding. With young businesses at the time, we thought it might take us a year or two to get around to. Fast forward and as our 11th wedding anniversary looms large (in August) we decided we’d better get the heck on with that.

Then our friend Fi mentioned she was having a 40th birthday bash and WELL. Game on. New Zealand, brace yourself, the Sugers are coming. Kicking off in Auckland, we are travelling a few hours for a friend’s birthday party, after a few days we will head off along the coast. But from there, we have no plans really. Free as a bird. But I’m open to suggestions in terms of things to see, to do and to EAT!

And wine, did I mention wine? Direct me to ALL the wine.

See how seriously I take making plans? They are all based on the best places to see pretty things, eat yummy things and drink Sav Blanc type things. I’m a girl with her priorities in order. I actually hope to lounge in some cafes and parks and write. Mr Suger has big plans for fishing and jet boating. And not for the first time I have to laugh that we work so perfectly together, him and I.

So if things are a little slow around here for a couple of weeks, sorry about that. And if things are super busy around here because I’ve found some exceptional wifi and am updating all the time, sorry about THAT. We’ll have to see which way that cookie crumbles. Fingers crossed for the latter option, there with Confident You launching on the 1st of June (before I get back!).

We fly out Friday, if I ever manage to get packed. I’ve been told I’ll need warm stuff. Won’t that be a nice change! Haha.

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