No time left; that is. No time over the weekend left to write or prepare. No time to finish those looming tasks on the horizon. Whoops, short version. Monday rolls around and I stare at the wall thinking well I did enjoy that weekend very much and it was worth it. That’s how I know that these days I run a blog that it doesn’t run me.

I love the order and structure of lists and planning. It makes me a happy little nerd indeed. But I love my family and friends more, and they’ll always come first. Hubby in particular is a drop everything for him at a moments notice worthy kind of guy. So some weeks just go like that. Some weeks I throw up my hands and say “good luck dude you are SO unprepared for the week ahead, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you” and see what turns up.

Which is my whole plan today.

For some of you, the recent onslaught of blogging and business based posts might be a little bit much. Maybe you’re wondering if this is a new change of direction and if you fit in around here anymore? Well, you do. Things aren’t changing. I have a few key areas I speak about, and they are confidence, fashion (plus-size specific mostly), food, blogging and social media and life (everything else).

Only an hour ago I was reading through the 4-year blog survey that I did around this time last year. I asked you all for feedback and suggestions for this blog. I asked the people who read it to share what they like about it, what they didn’t, what they wanted to see more of and if there were things they no longer applied.

This feedback was essential to shaping where I went this year. That feedback was essential to realising that more than just a bunch of readers I had to impress, Suger Coat It is a community of people who support me in the life I’m living which in turns supports them in theirs.

And that’s why I know it’ll be okay if I’m not as prepared as I would like to be, I know we’ll get where we need to go in the end. It’s like I went and got all zen or something.

Have a great Monday tomorrow folks.

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