During my weekend {that was jam-packed with awesome but gee whiz I needed a nap Sunday} I received an email with a link to the new season lookbook from Australian plus size fashion brand, Harlow Australia. With the gorgeous Meagan as the face again this season {find her on Instagram here} they are rocking some looks that I just KNOW my work wardrobe will love.

And the repeat of the moto pants? We all know what a big fan I am. Outfit after outfit has been made with these Moto pants. If you wanted a chic basic for your wardrobe, try these. I know you won’t be disappointed. Are you ready to take a look at the new stuff? Yes? Well, let’s roll.


Harlow Autumn/Winter, here we come.


harlow australia plus-size fashion winter autumn fall



How is THAT for new season goodness? Great right? The team at Harlow tells me that items will start to arrive from now through until May. Check out the New Arrivals section of their website for updates.


(2020 Edit: A lot of these items have become staples of the Harlow brand and can still be found online now. Head to their website to find out more). 

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