There is much to be said about a Barossa Valley weekend well spent. And well, spent I certainly am. Or was, it’s taken me a week to put this post together, so that will give you some idea. Haha. As I wait for my plane, killing an hour or two before I’m due to board, I reflect on this. I can’t help but feel a little sentimental about the new friends I’ve made and now waved off. Bonded by women being great and generous with each other.

And wine, we are bonded by wine.

When Nat spoke to me about joining her on a business retreat for her clients in the Barossa Valley, I was always a yes. Nat plus wine plus business is a clear yes from me. Every single time. With the year whizzing by the retreat weekend was upon me before I knew it. A month of back to back events and commitments and by the time I boarded the plane in Brisbane I was in need of a time out.

The Barossa Valley was a perfect combination of time out, great company and business inspiration. All my favourite things in the one place. We toured some beautiful wineries (I’ve added some of my photos below, there are just too many to add them all here) and I was reminded time and time again why knowing and communicating with your customer is so important. These were, predominately, boutique businesses carving their own path, one person at a time.

That’s me. That’s what I do.

And to be honest, with only slightly less wine. In reality, it’s each of us. Whether we are running our own business or just managing our positions in the world, that’s us. From when we wake in the morning until we go to sleep at night we are communicating and doing our best; in business, in relationships, in work and play. Relationships and flexibility are so essential to success in life.

Wine and cheese feel pretty darn essential to such things as well. Along with good friends, long conversations and lots and lots of laughter. I loved the Barossa Valley, it was such a beautiful place to visit and stay (I’d go back in a second and book into some more day spas, to be honest) but it was this reminder that I loved most. That people matter, relationships matter and that more often than not, it’s all that matters.

Enjoy the photos team, have you been to the Barossa Valley? Do you have a favourite winery?

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