Ladies and Gentleman, meet Mr Suger’s least favourite outfit ever! That’s a heck of a claim, right? A lot to live up to but I assure he was adamant, bless his heart. This outfit, which I thought was very “watch me transition seamlessly through autumn into winter“. Heck, it barely even had any black in it. But nope, the Mr wasn’t a fan and if you’ve read this blog for a little while you’ll probably guess why…

It was the pants.

The harem style, low hanging crotch, some (Kel!) might even call “bunchy crotch” pants. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I have multiple pairs. I also own them in black, in a grey/black heavier material and a cropped version. That’s just the 17 Sundays ones. Somehow I don’t think he’s going to take that news well. Haha.

When I got out of the car to grab these photos, he was like, ummmm have you seen those pants on? I informed him that yes I HAD seen them on, thank you very muchly. Ah okay, it’s just there’s a lot going on down there, he muttered gesturing at my crotch region. I winked at him, wandered to the shed we were using for photos shaking my head. He took photos of my butt in case I had missed that angle.

To be fair, Kel is right. These pants DO have a lot going on in the general vicinity of my crotch. It’s kind of the point. The volume and the drape (hilarious if you buy them too small, you’ve been warned) is comfortable, easy to wear and for those that care, flattering. If these pants ironed themselves they’d be my new favourites.

Suffer Mr Suger! 

Jokes aside, Kel’s not the kind of guy to do more than shake his head when it comes to my outfit choices. He’d never dream of saying I shouldn’t or couldn’t wear it. It’d be nice if he liked them but that’s not even a consideration for me. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever let anyone tell me how to dress again; I like what I like.

Suger Coat It - 17 Sundays AW 17 Outfit Suger Coat It - 17 Sundays AW 17 Outfit Suger Coat It - 17 Sundays AW 17 Outfit Suger Coat It - 17 Sundays AW 17 Outfit

Wearing all 17 Sundays, all daaaay. Gifted for an upcoming post and giveaway (get excited!). Floral Bomber Jacket (22), Basic Cocoon Tee (L), and Casablanca Woven Harem Pants (24). Paired with City Chic Heels (sold out)

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