This week I’m yet again a bit of a hit and miss blogger. That’s not usually my style. I’m ordered, disciplined and prolific. But then I strained a muscle in my back and everything hurt. Particularly sitting at a laptop. So I did what I could and was okay with that. Keen to get back into this week I was sure to edit all my pics, prepare my week and then I got sick.

Hello stomach bug you lovely thing {said no one ever}. It was a little set back from my goals of getting back on that horse. I’m trying to be zen about it. But I’m not a very zen person most of the time. So here is my feeble attempt at an outfit post, with some of those edited photos from last week. I love this outfit. The wedges with the maxi. The pop of red against the black and blue. The chambray. I’m all about the chambray.

When Hubby demanded something interesting to do, after days of whining and back massage requests, I couldn’t deny him. So we donned some gear and got some dinner.  This is an easy peasy date night outfit. There’s nothing to pull or squish or hurt. It’s bright, soft and subtly sexy. You can’t argue with that. Even when most of the evening was spent with a grimace on my face or a vodka in my hand. WHAT?! It was medicinal! In the end it was as successful night. Hubby felt validated and appreciated and I felt better.

Singlet – Target Australia
Chambray Vest – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Skirt – From Liv
Bag – KMart {in store now}
Shoes – Target Australia {gifted}


Date nights, do you do them? What do you wear?


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