On weekends, I get the chance to really dig into my wardrobe and wear what I like. Monday through Thursday I adhere to a moderate dress code but come Friday it is a Suger style free for all. Well, as free for all I get with my laid back casual style. There isn’t any busting out of the sequins or velvet turbans around here. But I’m ok with that, just the freedom to do my own thing is enough.

This City Chic dress pretty much sums my style up. It’s structured but not. It’s sort of 90’s. It would look perfect with sneakers and a cap or dressed up with wedges and a top knot. It’s versatile and easy to wear. Heck it’s everything I want in a dress. That’s why when Mel had a 30% off bonus I had her hook me up! Bless her super buyer butt.

Last weekend (not this one, I was much too hung over) I put this dress on for all the reasons above and move. I slipped the strap of this $5 bag from typo (what can I say, I love a bargain) over my shoulder and Mr Suger and I hit the markets for veggies. Simple, cool and comfortable; it was an awesome Sunday market dress for sure. Well, until next time when I turn it into a Thursday night drinks dress or a day at the beach dress, or dinner with Mr Suger on a Saturday dress. Versatile. Always a win.

Acid WAsh Dress – City Chic (XL)
Geometric Bag – Typo (from outlet)
Sandals – Target Australia 

What item in your wardrobe sums up your style?


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